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etoiles de mougins 2016

Étoiles de Mougins Shine For Thierry Marx

Étoiles de Mougins 2016 were enliven by the star chef Thierry Marx for three days of excellence in gustatory pleasures Étoiles de Mougins are now taking place in June. The […]

etoiles de mougins 2016

Talents of Tomorrow at Étoiles de Mougins

Étoiles de Mougins, the International Festival of Gastronomy and the Art of Living, organized prestigious competitions highlighting the emerging talents. Étoiles de Mougins, at the 11th edition of the International […]

etoiles de mougins 2016

Awakening of the Senses at Étoiles de Mougins

Étoiles de Mougins will set up its kitchens and pianos in the village on June 10, 11 and 12, 2016, for the most tantalizing Gastronomic Festival. Étoiles de Mougins, the […]

etoiles de mougins 2016

Etoiles de Mougins 2016, Avant-Goût at Château de la Bégude

Étoiles de Mougins 2016 deliciously brought together starred and prestigious chefs at Château de la Bégude in Opio to announce its dates: June 10, 11 and 12, 2016. Les Étoiles […]

etoiles de mougins dix ans

Etoiles de Mougins Celebrate Ten Years

Huge success for the tenth anniversary of Etoiles de Mougins where a record number of gourmets tasted the program concocted by chefs from all over the world. For three days, […]

etoiles de mougins 10 ans

Etoiles de Mougins Honor Roger Vergé

The 10th edition of Etoiles de Mougins, which took place from September 18 to 20, 2015, brought together the chefs from around the world to pay a culinary tribute to […]

etoiles de mougins 2015

Ten Years of Etoiles de Mougins

Les Etoiles de Mougins will install its furnaces and pianos in the village on next 18, 19 and 20 September to present a delicious and tantalizing Gastronomic Festival. The city […]

etoiles de mougins 2014

Etoiles de Mougins Sweet Flavours

The 9th Etoiles de Mougins gathered 120 starred chefs who came from all over the world to share their art and passion with an audience of gourmets. Over the years, […]

jean-luc pele etoiles de mougins 2014

Jean-Luc Pele Delights Etoiles de Mougins

At the 9th edition of the Etoiles de Mougins, under the theme of dessert, the famous artisan pâtissier-chocolatier Jean-Luc Pele made live his creation Mi-Figue Mi-Raisin. The regional artisan of […]

restaurants de qualite etoiles de mougins 2014

Restaurant de Qualite at Etoiles De Mougins

The Collège Culinaire de France launched the label “Restaurant de Qualite” on September 21, 2014, at the Etoiles de Mougins. Many prestigious chefs were attending the ceremony. 
The name Restaurant de […]

sraeli wines etoiles de mougins 2014

Israeli Wines At Etoiles de Mougins 2014

At Etoiles de Mougins in 2014, visitors have discovered a fine choice of Israeli wines highlighted by a gastronomic show by Chef Aviv Moshe. At the Etoiles de Mougins, the […]

etoiles de mougins 2014

Foretaste of Etoiles de Mougins in Cannes

Les Etoiles de Mougins offered a garden party in the sumptuous gardens of the Grand Hotel in Cannes as an appetizer offered by the chefs of the region. Mayor of […]