Tashir Group of Companies


Russia At Honour with Dynamic Tashir Group

Tashir Group is a Russian holding founded by Samvel Karapetyan. Tashir Group incorporates more than 200 companies working in various industries and employs over thirty thousand people and today, the Group has implemented projects in more than 25 regions of Russia and neighboring countries. The primary focus of the Tashir Group enterprise is the development and management of commercial properties. 

Construction management GC "Tashir" allows the group to implement a complete cycle of equipment design, construction and finish, the leasing and returned to service. GC "Tashir" designes and constructs residential, administrative and industrial buildings, shopping centers, roads, power lines, pipelines...

Particular attention is paid to the development of new advanced complex networks multifunctional shopping and entertainment (SEC), which are built in many cities. The management and operation of commercial real estate is one of the priorities of the GC "Tashir".

To date, the portfolio of commercial real estate Tashir Group is of 21 existing shopping centers. In 2005, the holding company began to develop a network of branded center "Rio". Today, it consists of a dozen projects in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Belgorod, Reutov, Tula, Ivanovo, Vologda, and Rostov-on-Don, among them one the largest capital Megamall (220 square meters). Located at the intersection of the highway and bypass Dmitrov. Currently under construction are 10 more shopping center, 7 retail establishments designed. Some of the projects developed by Tashir Group include four Moscow RIO trade and leisure centers on Dmitrovskoye Highway, Leningradskoye Highway, Sevastropolsky Avenue and 2 km of MKAD; the Yerevan Plaza on Bolshaya Tulskaya Street; the Gazoil Plaza business center on Namyotkina Street and business center on Podkolokolny Lane, where Tashir's central office is now located.
By the end of 2011 Tashir Group had built and developed more than 65 commercial real estate properties totaling more than 1,750,000 square meters and comprising of 19 shopping centers in the cities of Moscow, Yaroslavl, Kaluga, Kolomna, Tula, Belgorod, Ivanovo, Reutov and Yerevan, 7 business centers in Moscow, Kaluga and Yerevan; 11 retail and entertainment centers and 1 business center are under construction now and 10 retail and entertainment centers are currently in the design process.
The investment portfolio of Tashir Group includes several hotel, health and resort real estate, logistics and warehousing properties. The dynamic growth of Tashir Group's development projects is based on a solid foundation of domestic manufacture, supply and other structures that provide support to the projects at all stages.  The portfolio of Tashir Group contains 19 functioning trade and leisure centers.  Since 2005 Tashir Group has been developing a network of trade and leisure centers with brand RIO.  Today the network has 11 projects in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kolomna, Yaroslavl, Belgorod, Reutov, Ivanovo and Tula. One of them is the largest megamall in Moscow located at the crossing of Dmitrovskoye Highway and the MKAD, with a total area of 220,000 square meters. 11 more trade and leisure centers in various regions of Russia are under construction and 10 more are being projected.


Trade and Leisure Center Erevan Plazza - Moscow

Trade and Leisure Center  RIO - Moscow