marilyn monroe hyatt cannes

Unforgettable Marilyn Monroe at the Martinez

1962 ©Lawrence SCHILLER

marilyn monroe hyatt cannesMarilyn Monroe sets a summer and glamor foot in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez, a palace historically attached to cinema.

Marilyn Monroe died on August 5, 1962, without ever having had the time to set one foot in France or walk the famous Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet. Glamorous actress, sex symbol, capricious, vulnerable, underestimated, intelligent, complex, wracked with loneliness but always generous, talented and loving, the most famous blond in the cinema world is always fascinating us.
These rare photographs of the star allow to highlight the mystery of this woman who wanted only one thing: to be loved.

marilyn monroe hyatt cannes

©Lawrence SCHILLER 1962

A rare exhibition

Until September 6, 2016, thirty pictures of Marilyn Monroe, lent by the Galerie de L’Instant from Paris, will adorn the walls of the halls of the Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez. The Cannes establishement is used to accommodate the major movie stars in the world in its suites and for photo calls at international shows in the Capital of Cinema.
This exhibition immerses visitors in the world of the multifaceted star through the eyes of famous photographers of the time such as Bert Stern, Lawrence Schiller, Sam Shaw, Philippe Halsman, Ted Baron and Milton Greene. The artists reveal a Marilyn with sensual and sexy curves. A great opportunity also for the visitor to discover and share moments of her life, of her happiness and privacy.

marilyn monroe hyatt cannes

Personnalités au vernissage

Marilyn throughout her life

The photographs of Marilyn Monroe, in monochrome or color, immediately catch the eye by their depth and intensity. The star immortalized on glossy paper reveals a sometimes juvenile, sometimes feline, but still beautiful Marilyn. The photos help to better grab how this fragile woman has managed to turn into a sex bomb. A man-eater, idolized by millions of fans worldwide. The one who made husbands’s heart pound and wives shiver.

marilyn monroe hyatt cannes

©Sam SHAW 1957

A sex symbol blooms

The exhibition Marilyn also depicts the history of the America in the 50/60s, which is unfolding under the visitor’s eye. The atmosphere it creates is an evocation to James Dean, the Kennedy brothers, President Nixon and the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King and racial segregation and finally the Flower Power, a time when carelessness was still reigning. It is in this electric atmosphere that Norma Jeane Mortenson, the future Hollywood star, made her debut as model under the eyes of French photographer André de Dienes.

marilyn monroe hyatt cannes

Julia Gragnon – Galerie de L’Instant

Marilyn in front of the lens

Among the exhibited clichés: a beautiful photo of Marilyn Monroe, Black Session, taken in 1954 by her friend Milton Greene. Sam Shaw shows Marilyn lovingly posing with her new husband, the playwright Arthur Miller. Also adorable, Marilyn sitting unknown on a bench in New York, alongside of a couple of lovers. Very moving, the photo showing Marilyn crucified and naked under a light transparent veil. This photo, First Session, is part of a series of 2 700 photographs taken over three days by the photographer Bert Stern for Vogue magazine.
Pat Newcomb, Marilyn’s press officer, asked the photographer to take with him 3 bottles of champagne Dom Pérignon 1953 and then the magic happened… Marilyn will never see the photographs, published long after her death.
For the last unfinished filming of the actress, Lawrence Schiller photographed a 36-year-old sexy Marilyn naked in a pool, radiant, beautiful and and sensual.

marilyn monroe hyatt cannes

Exhibition from July 8 to September 6, 2016
Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez
73, La Croisette
06400 Cannes

Click on pictures to enlarge – ©DR – All rights reserved

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