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Lille Region’s Amazing Fashion Show At MIPIM

Lille Region, territory at the crossroads of Northern Europe, is a treasury of dynamism. Those who appreciate its human warmth, friendliness and diversity most often find it “Amazing”. At MIPIM 2013, Lille region has again delighted the visitors come to admire the ambitious achievements presented on the stand by an “Amazing Fashion Show ” on March 13.

Amazing, this territory mixing in the North Sea spray and the mountains of Flanders. Amazing, its accessibility making it almost a neighbourhood of Paris, London or Brussels. “Lille Region” is at the heart of a circle of 300 km inhabited by 78 million consumers. Its population, the youngest in France, cultivates a sense of opportunism, a sense of adventure and the desire to dare, whatever the field. This energy is also at the service of development: since five years, “Lille Region” is the territory where more companies are created in France. An entrepreneurial spirit rewarded by the European Union, which awarded “Lille Region” the 2013 European Entrepreneurial Region prize, a first for France.

Dare is to make the festivity a brand image. “Lille Region” annually hosts events on a European scale, such as Lille 3000 giving its millions of visitors a new understanding of contemporary art. Festivals such as Les Nuits Secrètes d’Aulnoy-Aymeries (Aulnoy-Aymeries Secret Nights) are enabling artists to emerge who will make tomorrow, while at the Main Square Festival in Arras, the public communes around the greatest rock stars.
Dare is empowering sport to unite a state of mind. On its territory, Lille Region has been able to gather advanced equipment, able to accommodate the elite of world sport. At Villeneuve d’Ascq, near Lille, the LOSC Lille Métropole is evolving in the most innovative stadium in Europe. Not far away, the Valenciennes club welcomes its fans in a brand new Hainaut stadium. And Roubaix has established itself as the capital of cycling, with indoor velodrome worthy of the biggest competitions.
Dare is also creating links between people through culture. At the foot of mine tips, on the remains of the mine and in an area classified by UNESCO, mingle with visitors from around the world in the extention of the largest museum in the world: the Louvre-Lens. Lens, that The New York Times recently placed in the list of inevitable destinations in 2013, before Washington, Bangkok and Paris.

Amazing Fashion Show
In Roubaix, meet Picasso or Chagall in an old art deco pool. “Lille Region” loves to dare, definitely. And its companies do the same. Proud of its textile tradition, “Lille Region” is the birthplace of internationally recognized brands, but also of young designers who will design tomorrow’s fashion. Innovate, create, surprise: these values are the fiber of regional businesses.
The second “fashion show” of Lille Region at MIPIM was an opportunity to discover these ready to wear creations. Always under the sign of “Amazing”, the collections by major brands born in the region (Grain de Malice, Camaïeu and Pimckie) and the creations of designers Manuel Hubert, Naomi Lenancker and Valerie Buffet offered a moment of magic in MIPIM business universe.

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