Heavent Meeting 2013 Events Awards

Heavent Meetings Sud 7th Events Awards Gala Night

Heavent Meetings Sud, the trade show dedicated to business agencies, venues and technical partners or services suppliers took place in Cannes, on 26 and 27 March 2013, at the Palais des Festivals. 2, 505 visitors, 253 invited French top buyers as well as 50 top buyers and advertisers from Germany, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, or Austria have walked the alleyways of the events trade show. The 7th Event Trophies in partnership with the Groupe Evénement(s) closed two very busy days.

heavent-2013-events-awardsThis year, the top decision-makers one-on-one meetings with actors of events opened to Europe by inviting 50 top buyers and advertisers from Germany, England, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, or Austria. The event also keept what made the success of its first edition: its 214 exhibitors, its 5,610 pre-organized, focused and highly qualified appointments and lunches, its 6 high-level plenary keynotes, its expert workshops. Some 2, 500 visitors and 253 invited French Top Buyers have discovered receptive places, hotels, event destinations, convention centers, fairgrounds, reception, hospitality, consulting and production, artists and animations, suppliers for decoration, layout, sound, light and video, structure, products, event agencies, business travel agencies and incentive agencies…
Another highlight for donors and order takers in Cannes, the two networking evenings, the magical opening night at Château de la Napoule and the gala during which the 7th Event Trophies  have been presented in partnership with the Groupe Evénement(s). The traditional prizes welcomed a new category this year for the best “shopping/outlet animation/tour/train expo event.”

A jury of experts had the difficult task to decide among the best events competing for the Awards. It was composed of the following personalites:

Company decisionmakers:
 Nicolas Perrin, Peugeot’s Events/Sponsorship/Partnerships Manager 
- Valerie Mestre, Interbev’s Director of Corporate Communications and External Relations
- Dominique Steinmetz, Head of PR, Events and Benchmark at Axa France
- Nicolas Huberman, Lagardère Active’s Director of Marketing and Communication
- Ludovic Chaboureau, Société Générale’s Retail Banking Commercial Director

Professional Associations: The ANAE (Association of Events Communication Agencies) represented by its Vice-Presidents Bertrand Biard 
- The AACC Event delegation with its President Stéphane Lecca
 – The UCC Med (Union of Mediterranean Communication Consultancy) via one of its Vice-Presidents Jean-Marie Gallo
- AzurProCom (Azuréenne Association of 150 communication pros) with its president Gillian Brial

 Romuald Gadrat, president of Tarsus France/Heavent Meetings Sud 
- Jean-Benoit Fournier, toppeur and host 
- Muriel Chapuis, from the News Evénement(s)

Before the Events Awards were presented to winners, Heavent Meetings Sud delighted guests with a performance of Del Rosso Events dance group, choreographed by Sophie Del Rosso. Del Rosso Events is a company of modern performances, consisting of two champions of France, one in rhythmic gymnastics, and the other breackdance of classical dancers, acrobats, singers, gymnasts …

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2013 Events Awards winners:

Category Internal Event:
 The 80th Anniversary of the MFA, agency Sensation!

Category Shopping/Outlet animation/Tour/Train expo Event:
 Village EntrePros for Fein/Lenox/Sam/Tivoly – Agency Do-it

Category Exceptional Event
: Comex Asi lo Sone, Les Petits Français

Category Citizen /Societal /Responsible Event:
 The 20-year France Secours Islamique – Agency Layline

Category Public Relations Events:
 Neuflize OBC Evening at the Tim Burton Exhibition – Agency Artdicted

Category Low Budget Event:
 Pipi Gagnant de France Pari Sportif, 10ruptive with the agency Fruizz

Category General Public Event:
-Ex-aequo: Badoit Express – Agency Ubi Bene and Club France at the Olympic Games – Agency Le Public Système

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