regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannes

2016 Régates Royales Trophée Panerai in Cannes

regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannesThe Régates Royales Trophée Panerai  have turned the bay of Cannes for five days into a majestic playground for the most beautiful classic yachts of the world.

The Régates Royales Trophée Panerai bring together in Cannes every year in September for 38 years the most beautiful sailing ships of the past century. From the Old Port, the huge sails and masts of the legendary classic yachts unfold like beautiful wings on the Mediterranean waters between the gorgeous Lérins Islands and the red jagged coasts of the Estérel mountains and the bay of Théoule.

regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannes

A maritime spectacle of great beauty

Attracted by the exceptional mildness of the end of summer and the magic framework offered by the Bay of Cannes, some 50 000 spectators crowded the Croisette and the beaches of the Boulevard du Midi to watch the sporting evolutions of tradition yachts, gaff sail boats, schooners, cutters, sloops, yawls, class or monotypes. This unique and majestic gathering as usual won the votes of the vast public vibrating for its unique and grandiose nautical regattas.

regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannes

Birthdays of legends

This year, an armada of 150 tradition yachts and Dragons lined up on the starting line in the Old Port of Cannes. During the time of fierce regattas, the owners of these old historical treasures, enthusiasts for racing, hoped to see their boats and their crew won the race and the prices, cups and prestige watches offered by Panerai.
Several classic yachts participating in the 38th Régates Royales Trophée Panerai celebrated their anniversary: 110 years for Eva (17,50m, William Fife in 1906), the centennial for two New York 40, Rowdy and Chinook (19,87m, Nathanael Herreshoff 1916), 90 years for Hallowe’en (24,75m, William Fife). Eilean, the superb 22m bermudian ketch built in 1936 in the legendary Scottish shipyards Fife, and discovered in Antigua in 2006, regained its splendor thanks to its renovation by Officine Panerai; she is celebrating its 80 years this year.

regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannes

Mary and the Captain

The public who admired the old rigs at sea or in the port could discover the many marine-inspired booths set up along the Vieux Port. Among them, the brand MARY and the CAPTAIN was proposing a gorgeous collection of nautical Made in Cannes bracelets. The bracelets are unique pieces made by hand with the distinction of being manufactured in Cannes, in the historic district of Le Suquet, a short distance from Quai Saint Pierre.
The brand MARY and the CAPTAIN drew its source over the years in the marine environment and its heritage, marine art and fashion. Today the collections are at the image of Mary, its creator, with a timeless look that fits all lifestyles.

regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannes

Bracelets Mary And The Captain

Originality of concept

Combining functional accessories (shackles, anchors…) and yachting, skydiving and surfing kit ropes, Mary has crafted some bracelets which became objects of desire for a prestigious “sporty chic” community on the coasts of the Atlantic and French Riviera. Each MARY and the CAPTAIN bracelet is made of two ropes and a clasp like an ink type or a shackle, adorned with inspired navy knots like the square knot, lark or triple knot. Closing the bracelet is particularly easy: just put two ropes around the branches of the anchor or through the shackle the two extremes loops of the rope and here you are nice and ready to embark with Mary’s bracelets.

regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannes

The winners of Régates Royales Trophée Panerai in Cannes

The 38th edition of the Régates Royales Trophée Panerai ended with the prize-giving ceremony in the presence of David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes, and a large crowd who cheered the crews of the classic yachts that made the show for five days of competition. The Régates Royales in Cannes are the last stage of the Trophée Panerai 2016, the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge.

Big Boats (9 sail boats)
1-Moonbeam IV (Mikael Créac’h) 3 pts
2-Hallowe’en (Mick Cotter) 6 pts
3-Moonbeam of Fife (Erwan Noblet) 9 pts

12mJI (3 sail boats)
1-Sovereign (Michel Nicolas) 5 pts
2-France (Thierry Verneuil) 9 pts
3-Chancegger (José de la Vega) 15 pts

regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannes
Epoque aurique (16 sail boats)
1-Linnet (Patrizio Bertelli) 4 pts
2-Spartan (Courtney Koos) 7 pts
3-Chinook (Jonathan Greenwood) 14 pts

Classique (16 sail boats)
1-Arcadia (Bruno Ricciardi) 5 pts
2-Ganbare (Don Wood) 6 pts
3-Maria Giovanna II (Jean-Pierre Sauvan) 13 pts

regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannes

Epoque Marconi more than 15m (16 sail boats)
1-Enterprise (Goran Rutgersson) 4 pts
2-Leonore (Mauro Piani) 8 pts
3-Skylark of 1937 (Tony Morse) 11 pts

Epoque Marconi less than15m (13 sail boats)
1-Arrow (Phil Plumtree) 4 pts
2-Carron II (Angelo Mazzarella) 7 pts
3-Jalina (Carlo-Luciano Frattimi) 8 pts

regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannes

Esprit de Tradition (5 sail boats)
1-Freya of Midgard (Philippe Fabre) 3 pts
2-Fairlie (Thomas Fisher) 7 pts
3-Tabasco 5 (Karl Lion) 9 pts

Tofinou (6 sail boats)
1-Pitch (Patrice Riboud) 3 pts
2-Team 42 (Bernard Giroux) 5 pts
3-Pippa (E. Fort) 7 pts

regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannes

Dragon (50 sail boats)
1-Anatoly Loginov-RUS (Annapurna) 55 pts
2-Jonathan Brown-GBR (Storm) 70 pts
3-Javier Scherk-ESP (Gunter) 74 pts
4-Nicola Friesen-GER (Smaug) 83 pts
5-Stéphane Baseden-FRA (Outlaw) 87 pts

5.5mJI (18 sail boats)
1-Arend Jan Pasman-NED (Feng Shui) 12 pts
2-Hannes Waimer-GER (Atari) 17 pts
3-Max Muller-GER (Prettynama) 21 pts

regates royales trophee panerai 2016 cannes

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