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38th Régates Royales – Trophée Panerai in Cannes

Regates Royales-Trophee PaneraThe 38th edition of the Régates Royales – Trophée Panerai in Cannes will bring together some eighty classic yachts and old riggings for fierce regattas.

The Régates Royales in Cannes from 18 to 25 September mark the closing of the Panerai Trophy 2016 and will offer a unique and majestic gathering of the finest racing yachts from the last century.

regates royales cannes trophee panerai

In honor of King Christian X of Denmark

Created in 1929 in honor of King Christian X of Denmark, the Régates Royales since 1979 includes the classic yachts, Metric Classes and Dragon.
For the 38th edition, the most beautiful and largest ancient race yachts, the gaff rigs, schooners, cutters, sloops, yawls, Class J, monotypes of the last century, 12M … built like Marigold in 1892, will dock at Quai Laubeuf before friendly competing in Cannes Bay and the Gulf of La Napoule on the blue carpet of the Mediterranean to the delight of spectators.

regates royales cannes trophee panerai

The classic yachts that have made yachting history

The Régates Royales – Trophée Panerai settle in the Old Port where spectators can admire at dock the beautiful classic yachts that have made yachting history for over a century. Some are more than a century old: Marigold Viola, Tuiga, Tern, Eva, Moonbeam of Fife and Moonbeam IV, Nan, Tigris, Oriole, Phoebus, Bona Fide …
Nostalgic of the 70s will be happy to find the IOR prototype that marked their time as Helisara or Naïf ,Stiren or Palynodie II, Oryx, but also the magic Challengers of the America’s Cup like the Australian 12 mJI Kookaburra III or the Italian Class America Il Moro di Venezia.

regates royales cannes trophee panerai

Eilean – ©

Illustrious birthdays

The biggest and most famous yachts of the last century come to compete like the majestic Elena (55m, plan Nathanaël Herreshoff), Cambria (40m, plan William Fife), Moonbeam of Fife (31m, plan William Fife) … Several classic yachts will celebrate their anniversary: 110 years for Eva (17,50m, plan William Fife in 1906), the centennial for the New York 40, Rowdy and Chinook (19,87m, plan Nathanael Herreshoff of 1916), 90 years for Hallowe’en (24,75m, plan William Fife) and 80 for Eilean (22,20 plan William Fife).
This year, twenty 5.5 mJI, sailboats metric devised in 1949, will run on their own round for three days (21-22-23 September), after joining the fleet of the Geneva Nautical Society organizes its traditional offshore regatta Sunday 18 and Monday, September 19.

regates royales cannes trophee panerai


The world’s best Dragon

As every autumn, the Dragon will be in the bay of Cannes for one of the best rallies of the series. This year, fifty teams representing more than a dozen nations come to Cannes. Many of them come from Russia, Finland, Great Britain, Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, Scandinavia, some others from all over France since the French fleet will be the most extensive.

The Régates Royales – Trophée Panerai Village

On shore, a tented village is set up on Quai Laubeuf, along Cannes Vieux Port. The Village is hosting the organizers, the Panerai Lounge as well as several stands offering photography and painting exhibitions, shoes, sailing style deco, clothing…

Situated in front of the pontoons, the Village and ist bar is the heart of the onshore life of the Régates Royales boasting a warm and hearty atmosphere before and after the races.

Régates Royales – Trophée Panerai à Cannes
Du 21 au 27 septembre 2015
Vieux Port de Cannes

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