festival art russe 2016 ballets

Festival of Russian Art: Tribute to Russian Ballet

festival art russe 2016 balletsThe 19th Festival of Russian Art in Cannes closed on August 27, 2016 with of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in tribute to the great Russian Ballet.

The 19th Festival of Russian Art, which took place in Cannes from August 23 to 27 in Cannes, finished in apotheosis with the brilliant closing night at the Grand Auditorium of the Palais des Festivals. The dancers belonging to most of the famous dance school in Moscow interpreted excerpts from classics of Russian repertoire, jewels illustrating with pomp and panache the great tradition of the School of Russian Ballet.

festival art russe 2016 ballets

Cannes digs its furrow in excellence

The evening will forever remain engraved in the memory of 1, 500 spectators attending the charming tombé de rideau full of charm and grace through a superb musical choreography by Miagkov on Vivaldi‘s Four Seasons. The time of this exceptional evening, the city of festivals turned into the World’s Capital of Dance. If the biggest stars of the 7th Art have chosen to raise Cannes as a world capital of cinema, it is the same for the Festival of Russian Art, the largest in France. Its fabulous line-up of stars offered to connoisseurs of dance was a compelling evidence that it continued without complex its cultural advance in the furrow of excellence it has drawn over the years.

festival art russe 2016 ballets

A dizzying whirlwind of dancers

Marked by the presence of the future stars of the Moscow dance, the event will stay in Cannes cultural annals. The choreography demonstration was brilliant, punctuated by the sublime performance of the members of the body of the Moscow Ballet, the famous school recognized as the best in the world. A dizzying whirl of dancers from Moscow’s Lavrovsky Choreographic School, accompanied by soloists Evgeny Zhukov and Daria Yurchenko from the Stanislavsky Theatre in Moscow and Anastasia Zakharova from the Bolshoi, astonished the audience with their interpretation of emblematic ballets extracts like Gisele, Coppélia, Don Quixote, on the music of Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Bocharov, Hertelde and Vivaldi.
This original production allowed the public to discover a great symphony of dancing, touching and wonderful, performed by one of the most creative ensemble of the Russian dance scene, which, since 1989, has attracted an international audience.

festival art russe 2016 ballets

Gisele, Coppelia, Don Quixote

At the beginning of the show, the stage of the Grand Auditorium is in the dark. Suddenly, the folded men’s body, forming a compact circle, expand. Dressed in leotards and tights, the dancers twist and distort on the rhythm of a music that grabs you guts.
Then, the fine, athletic body dare all movements, all jumps, be they soft, lush, supple, powerful, technical or graceful. The dancers give the impression to execute their moves effortlessly and their expertly mastered bodies seem to be constantly in weightlessness.
Place then to the choreography and music of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The ballerina perched on their tips, with their airy grace, seem to float in the air.
Their elegance, the graceful movement of their hands and their fingers stretching to the sky, their delicate looks, sets and costumes with enchanting Slavic tones and the palette of emotions and magic, enraptured the audience. At the end of each dance, a round of applause greeted the elegance of the dancers when saluting the crowd.

festival art russe 2016 ballets

A large scale artistic event

Successful operation seduction for this sold out dance show to better to say goodbye to this large scale artistic event that has once again allowed to enjoy one of the most creative ensemble of the Russian dance scene which, since 1989, has captivated the Russian and international public.

festival art russe 2016 ballets


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