haras de pennafort callas

Haras de Pennafort, Kinesiology, Nature and Well-being

haras de pennafort callas

Paddocks at Haras de Pennafort ©DR

At Haras de Pennafort in Callas, Var, in a unique approach, Elodie Tadon puts her art of kinesiology at the service of the health and well-being of the horse/rider couple.

Haras de Pennafort: the horse has nobly marked the history of mankind by accompanying it on its journey for more than 5000 years, to the point of becoming Man’s best friend. To be the horse’s best friend – in addition to practicing the most beautiful sport in the world by jumping or riding – Elodie Tadon offers equestrian sports lovers a unique concept to become one with the animal and evolve with and thanks to it, opening up consciences to a more respectful and loving approach oh the horse.

haras de pennafort callas


A stay close to nature

From a very young age, Elodie Tadon dreamed of starting a stable and working with horses. While waiting to have the means to realize her project, Elodie Tadon worked for seven years in the field of alternative therapies such as kinesiology, nurturing her ambition to combine animal and human well-being care in her equestrian center concept.
One year ago, she took over the reins of the Haras de Pennafort, between the olive trees and vines of the charming village of Callas and the red rocks of the sublime Pennafort Gorges. In a haven of peace for pampered horses on three hectares – opening onto 24 hectares of space for track rides – Elodie Tadon is favores listening, well-being and respect for the animal’s needs for space and food, in conditions close to those experienced in nature where a horse grazes for 16 hours, frolics for four and rests for the remaining time.


haras de pennafort callas

Horses in the park ©YesICannes.com

Kinesiology: balance and well-being of the horse

The young director of the Haras de Pennafort offers horse care: kinesiology and balneotherapy. Kinesiology (etymologically “the science of movement”) is a professional practice designed to promote a state of balance and well-being. Trained at Corinne Dewolf‘s, creator of the Bio Kinesiology method, Elodie Tadon practices muscular “testing” aimed at establishing a direct dialogue with the animal which, in return, emits some information. This biological decoding via the gestural messages broadcast by the horse reveals what the pathology “tells”! Once the conflict that is bothering the animal has been identified, the kinesiologist works on a precise objective to deprogram this conflict using methods inspired by Chinese medicine, osteopathy or magnetism. In the end, the emotional blockages are unblocked and free the animal.


haras de pennafort callas


Creating a mirror relation in a common evolution

In her quest, Elodie Tadon learned a lot from horses and understood that the animal teaches us and invites us to develop a stronger and deeper relationship with it. She thus offers the unique opportunity to associate the horse and its rider in a common development. Kinesiology care can also foster the creation of a mirror relationship between the rider and her/his companion and Elodie Tadon helps to understand the image that the horse reflects in the human/animal couple in order to work on emotional blockages that can affect both. The work on the rider-horse binomial leads to a questioning, to find keys in oneself to unblock frozen emotions, to settle down and reflect in order to grow emotionally.


haras de pennafort callas

Equine Spa  ©DR

Balneotherapy and equine spa

As part of the overall care for a sensitive being, the Haras de Pennafort is equipped with an equine spa, a real high-performance hydrotherapy centre for horses with cooled water, loaded with Epsom salts with draining virtues, invigorated with whirlpools. The equine spa is inspired by the tradition of horses standing in cold waterways, historically known to be beneficial for relieving pain after exercise. The constant cold temperature and the massage by the bubbles released by the rubber mat under the feet favors recovery and are a beneficial anti-inflammatory treatment for moderate pathologies in horses, like tendonitis or osteoarthritis.


haras de pennafort callas


Boarding, Pony Club and horse riding arenas

With about fifty stalls, the Haras de Pennafort offers different types of boarding in paddock or box, cleaned daily, with fresh grass or hay nets for snacking at will.
From the age of 2, children can be initiated to horse riding at the Pony Club by a teaching programme including dressage, work on foot, jumping, games and shows to learn and progress while having fun and respecting the animal and creating a bond with the horse.
Large riding arenas allow work on flat ground in a natural equitation where the work on foot – reprise, figures, education – is preceding the mounted work with the owner.
Elodie Tadon also wishes to propose a riding therapy where the horse is the means of psychic therapy for people in emotional difficulties, or having an illness, a handicap, a suffering…


haras de pennafort callas


Haras de Pennafort
Écurie Elodie Tadon
Le Claou – Les Quatre Chemins
5150 RD 25
83830 Callas
Tél. 06 61 24 56 42


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