martiniquaise cutty shark

La Martiniquaise Launches the Cutty Sark Adventure

martiniquaise cutty shark

Cutty Sark ©DR

At TFWA-WE 2019 La Martiniquaise presented the prestigious Cutty Sark whisky the group has just bought to strengthen its presence on international markets.

La Martiniquaise group has bought the prestigious Cutty Sark whisky, presented at TFWA-WE 2019 in Cannes. The international whisky brand Cutty Sark perfectly complements the group’s international brand portfolio, and joins Label 5, Sir Edward’s Scotch whisky and Glen Moray, Poliakov vodka, Porto Cruz and Negrita and Saint James rums.

martiniquaise cutty shark


A French, family run and independent company

The French group La Martiniquaise is a French company, family run and independent, founded by Jean Cayard in 1934. In the 60s, the company grows with brands like Porto Cruz or Label 5 and more recently with Poliakov. In 1993, the group Bardinet, rum leader in France (Negrita, Dillon, Saint James and Old Nick), joined La Martiniquaise.
Since 2010, numerous acquisitions have consolidated the ascendancy of the group: Boisset‘s spirits branch, 22% of Marie-Brizard, 6% of Belvédère, the Scotch whisky Sir Edward’s and Glen Moray

La Martiniquaise at Cannes Tfwa-We 2019 ©DR

An empire in spirits

Thanks to its numerous brand repurchases, Jean-Pierre and Edith Cayard, owners of the group, have built an industrial empire ranking tenth in the world of wines and spirits. Jean-Pierre and Edith Cayard also own six sites and subsidiaries in Scotland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and an export distribution network, including Travel Retail. Their daughter, Sylvia Bernard, is the Group’s Marketing and Communication Director.
In 2018, the group, present in 110 countries, expands its portfolio of prestigious brands by offering itself the whisky Cutty Sark which belonged since 2010 to the group Edrington. This strategic acquisition boosted the group’s sales and strengthened its presence in major international markets such as the United States and Japan.

martiniquaise cutty shark


The concept of Spiritainment

“Preserving the quality of brands born from the richness of terroirs and the know-how of men and make it accessible to all, is the main idea of ​​the group La Martinique-Bardinet”, Jean-Pierre Cayard says. The CEO of the Group defines its concept of Spiritainment: “Seduce as much as convince, entertain as much as sell, create great brands with strong emotional value, launch new concepts, listen and put the consumer at the center of our thinking, is our passion!”

martiniquaise cutty shark

Cutty Sark in Cannes ©DR

Promote the richness of terroirs

The group La Martiniquaise-Bardinet includes more than 400 brands. Of these, nine are very important because they are in the most strategic regions of the world. La Martiniquaise is holding prestigious brands whose know-how is recognized to be the best in the fields of scotch whisky, rum, wines, brandies, portos. The Craft from France portfolio is made up of wines and spirits with a French appellation, local products such as armagnacs, calvados, fruit creams and cognacs with the distillery of the tower located in the heart of the region of Cognac. Calvados with the Busnel distillery located in the Pays d’Auge in Cormeilles and Armagnacs with Saint-Vivant in the Gers.

martiniquaise cutty shark


Celebrating the spirit of adventure

Founded in 1923 by a London-based liquor retailer, Berry Bros & Rudd, Cutty Sark was born during the Prohibition in the United States. Captain Bill McCoy, one of the most famous smugglers of the time, helped build his fame. Cutty Sark has been one of Scotland’s most iconic whiskys for 90 years, with a long and distinguished legacy celebrating the spirit of adventure. The name of the whisky comes from the Cutty Sark clipper, a famous three-masted ship that was used for the trade of China tea and New Zealand wool with the United Kingdom.
“This acquisition is a significant step forward in accelerating our international expansion, strengthening our position in Europe and strengthening our presence in key markets such as the United States and Japan,” Jean-Pierre Cayard said.

La Martiniquaise Launches the Cutty Sark Adventure in pictures

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