lorgues terre de vins lancement

Lorgues Terre de Vins, Art of Living, Terroir and Friendship

lorgues terre de vins lancement

Château Les Crostes

Lorgues Terre de Vins brings together 12 winemakers in the promotion of the Lorgues terroir, under the initiative of HRH the Prince Félix de Luxembourg, owner of Château Les Crostes.

Lorgues Terre de Vins is a new association of 12 winemakers united by their common passion for wine, vines and the cultural treasures of their terroir. This beautiful meeting between friends was born from the initiative of HRH the Prince Felix of Luxembourg, lover of Provence and passionate winegrower, nicknamed Prince Sarment by the press. The association was baptized on June 29, 2017, at Château Les Crostes, one of the jewels of the Provençal terroir, by a tasting of the precious nectars produced on the domains of the association.

lorgues terre de vins lancement

Lorgues ©Lorgues Tourisme

Lorgues, an unmissable destination

The new Lorgues Terre de Vins association brings together 12 prestigious domains, renowned beyond our borders for the quality of their wines: Château l’Arnaude, Château Sainte Béatrice, Château de Berne, Le Clos d’Alari, Château Les Crostes, Domaine Estello, Château La Martinette, Château Roubine, Domaine des Sarrins, Château Mentone, Château Sainte Foy and Domaine des Aumèdes. These twelve vineyards have invested to make the picturesque village of Lorgues a must-see destination of oenological tourism in the heart of Dracénie.

lorgues terre de vins lancement

©Lorgues Terre de Vins

Various enotouristic activities

In addition to tastings and cellar visits, these dynamic domains have developed the attractiveness of their vineyards by a wide choice of wine tourism. In the Lorgues Terre de Vins chateaux, activities are numerous and varied: vine trails, greenways and mountain bike trails, lounges, concerts and festivals, tree climbing, culinary discoveries, table d’hôte, bistro and starred restaurant, circuses, aperitifs, craftsmen’s market. Spas offer well-being and the benefits of nature and the earth with a cosmetology derived from wines. Wine is the ideal pretext for weekends impromptus and hideways of exception with family or friends, in lodgings, guest houses, farm inns or luxury hotel to immerse yourself in the heart of the vineyards.

lorgues terre de vins lancement

Valérie Rouselle, Château Roubine, Vice Présidente de Lorgues Terre de Vins et SAR Le Prince Félix de Luxembourg

Lorgues and Prehistory

According to Claude Alemagna, Mayor of Lorgues, Lorgues is a place of habitat dating back to Prehistory, as evidenced by the dolmen of Peycervier, whose monumental architecture is fairly well preserved. It was then an important Ligurian town with its oppidum-refuge on the hill of Saint-Ferréol before being colonized by the Romans. Later, the Roman Castrum allowed to resist the barbarian and Saracen invasions, before the Knights Templars sheltered it with solid ramparts in the 12th century.
Belonging to the County of Provence, Lorgues does not depend on any lord and the local consuls take charge of the administration of the city which, located on the road linking the Rhone valley to Italy, prospers with the passage of the merchants and the pilgrims. Numerous religious confraternities established there and erected chapels, schools and convents. Lorgues became the Episcopal See and the foundation stone of the present collegiate church of Saint Martin was laid in 1704 by Monseigneur Fleury, future minister of Louis XV.

lorgues terre de vins lancement

Discours de SAR le prince Félix de Luxembourg

The Lorguais vineyard, a common heritage

In the 15th century, Provence is attached to the Kingdom of France and remains faithful to the King despite the vicissitudes of different wars. In the 18th century, Lorgues is awarded a privileged coat of arms Strength and Fidelity, values represented respectively by a lion and a dog that can be admired engraved on the Fontaine de la Noix. In 1768, a court is built Place Neuve, an elegant building with a beautiful symmetrical facade that became the current town hall annex. In 1870, Lorgues, traditionally royalist, became republican. Located on the Cours de la République, Lorgues’ central artery, bordered by a line of beautiful bourgeois houses, the Town Hall is completed in 1833. Sober and majestic, the building tells the opulence and importance of the city after the Revolution.
The inhabitants have been mainly living from agriculture, and the Lorguais vineyard belongs to the common heritage. One could say that it is thanks to this rich heritage, built over the centuries and its history, that the wines from Lorgues now have a special flavor, which Lorgues Terre de Vins wishes to express in all its dimensions.

lorgues terre de vins lancement

Valérie Rousselle présente le “Passeport Lorgues Terre de Vins”

Wine tasting and exceptional cuisine

At the launch of Lorgues Terre de Vins, the president of the association Félix de Luxembourg, owner of Château Les Crostes, declared: “Our terroir is fertile and of exceptional quality, which has enabled our renowned wines to be globally recognized. We have high-quality restaurants and exceptional products that we cultivate with love and passion. I invite you to come and discover the beautiful commune of Lorgues to enjoy a moment of relaxation and pleasure. Come taste our wines and our exceptional cuisine in a gorgeous natural setting!”

lorgues terre de vins lancement


Lorgues Terre de Vins
Headquarters: Château Les Crostes
2086, chemin de Saint Louis – 83510 Lorgues
Tél : +33(0)4 94 85 94 94


The launch of Lorgues Terre de Vins in pictures

Click on pictures to enlarge – ©Lorgues Terre de Vins – All rights reserved

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