cannes lions 2018 google beach

2018 Google Beach, Learning and Playing

cannes lions 2018 google beachThe Google Beach was inviting the 2018 Cannes Lions delegates to play and exercize their creativity with the latest technology through many playful demos, educational activities and events under the radient sun of South of France.

At Cannes Lions, the Google Beach is one of the most – if not the most – popular beach to relax on a mattress by the Great Bleue while sipping delicious drinks or fresh smoothies between educational talks or concerts with YouTube Music stars. The 2018 Google Beach hosted creative industry panels, demos, educational activities, DJ sets, fitnesse course and inter-agency beach volleyball.

cannes lions 2018 google beach

GIF stand

Networking on the beach

Open to all International Festival of Creativity delegates, the Google Beach on La Croisette nearthe Palais des Festivals, is the Plage To Be to experiment digital technology through eye-opening demos and educational games, mixed with the simple pleasure of being by the sea to relax between two seminars at Cannes Lions. The Beach was showcasing great achievements in digital creativity and highlighting new creative technology in small blue huts, opening exciting ways of expression. The daily workshops and demos were conceived to provide the creative community with a platform for collaboration and relationship building.

cannes lions 2018 google beach

YouTube Music sessions – IAMDDB

Demos and Lightning Talks

On the Google Beach, the delegates could have fun with the GIF Booth where 13 photophones took a picture of the delegates playing with a beach ballon to create a animated GIF to share with friends. The Juice Hut was showcasing Tasty, the world’s largest food network, through the Google Assistant to broadcast one’s favorite delicious videos of recipes!
The Google Lightning Talks explored some of the hottest issues concerning digital and creativity like “How can technology enhance human experience?” by Marc Mathieu – Samsung Electronic America and Debbie Weinstein – Google, or the new question about AI: “Can Machine Learning make us better creative? with Karen Boswell – adam&eveDDB, Oscar Sharp – Film director, Ross Godwin – Google, Cathy Pearl – Google.

cannes lions 2018 google beach

Focus on LGBTQ

Apart from YouTube Music sessions, as part of the Creativity Matters series, the Google Beach focuses on global LGBTQ+ audiences, trends, and behaviors, and why diversity is more vital than ever and showcased the most high-impact LGBTQ+ moments of the year. The delagtes could take pictures and selfies before huge “Pride” sign.

2018 Google Beach, Learning and Playing in pictures

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