musee escoffier 50 ans

50 Years of Culinary Art at Musée Escoffier

musee escoffier 50 ans

La Cène par Pascal Lattes

The Musée Escoffier de l’Art Culinaire in Villeneuve Loubet celebrates its 50th anniversary by presenting two exhibitions: Le Regard et la Main and Si On Gardait le Meilleur Pour la… Faim.

The Musée Escoffier, the only museum of Culinary Art in Europe, celebrates its 50th anniversary (1966-2016) in honor of the great ambassador of the Art of Living à la Française: Auguste Escoffier, a native of Villeneuve Loubet. In tribute to the spirit of the place, the Musée Escoffier presents until October 31, 2016 two exhibitions bringing together 40 works of a duet of contemporary artists: Aurélie Sastres, watercolorist, author of J’ai Croqué un Chef (I Sketched a Chef) and Pascal Lattes, culinary photographer at famous Thuriès Magazine.

Pascal Lattes

Aurélie Sastres dans ses œuvres

Fifty years of devotion to gastronomy

The Musée Escoffier de l’Art Culinaire was created in 1966 in the birthplace of the King of Chefs and Chef of Kings at the initiative of Joseph Donon, that Escoffier has taken with him to the Carlton in London in 1906, as he had been impressed by the mastery of this 18-year-old chef replacing at short notice the ill chef of the Marquis of Passis for a dinner at the Chateau de Villeneuve Loubet.
Joseph Donon then pursued a career as a private chef for American billionaires willing to have a French chef, first with the “king of steel” Henry Clay Frick then the Vanderbilts. On the death of Escoffier in 1935 in his villa in Villeneuve Loubet, Donon created the Friends of Escoffier. After the war, a new generation of chef will suggest him to create the museum in the hometown of the great master. In 1996, the Mayor Lionel Luca renovated the Escoffier museum which regularly presents exhibitions promoting gastronomy.

musee escoffier 50 ans

Exposition chocolat

Two exhibitions to devour with the eyes

Upon entrance in the museum, a huge portrait of Auguste Escoffier reminds you that you are in the culinary realm of the celebrity chef Villeneuvois. As you walk through the exhibition rooms, open your eyes because you will be invited to discover the world of Culinary Arts from the memories of the genius Escoffier to a large exhibition of chocolate works, via vintage reconstitutions. A to devour with the eyes: Aurélie Sastres’ sketches and photographs by Pascal Lattes, subjugating by their glaring truth, telling beautiful kitchen stories, immortalized by a pencil or a lense. The chefs here are sketched in the exercise of their ephemeral art, gastronomy.

musee escoffier 50 ans

Chez Frédéric Anton – Aurélie Sartres

About Aurélie Sastres

Professor of drawing, passionate about art and gastronomy, Aurélie Sastres is the author of the illustrations of the book J’ai Croqué un Chef (I Sketched a Chef) written by Alain Cohen. This cartoon-like book brings high the values of French gastronomy. Aurélie likes to share her encounters and culinary experiences with renowned chefs who opened the doors of their universe, from Eric Frechon (Le Bristol) to Philippe Labbé at the Shangri-La, via Jean-François Rouquette from Park Hyatts.
This talented drawer likes to silently slip into the chefs’ kitchens to sketch them in the exercise of their art. Nothing escapes her curious and gourmand eye, nor her talented stroke of a pen or brush. Her watercolors tell beautiful stories of kitchen, transmission of gesture and sharing.

musee escoffier 50 ans

Chez Régis Marcon – Pascal Lattes

About Pascal Lattes

Pascal Lattes captures atmospheres, tastes, and talents. He has been exercising his photographic skills at the famous Thuriès Magazine for 15 years. We find at the Musée Escoffier his famous picture of the Last Supper in the Pastry Art Hall. Brigades, rushes, portraits, chefs dialogues, recipes on the spot, nothing escapes the artist’s eye. His lense captures the beauty of the chefs’ creations and reflects the mood of a kitchen in pictures. He likes to portrait the chefs in black and white. His photographs are enhanced with some colored notes as a visual seasoning that gives the image its strength.
The two artists have combined their talents to pay tribute to the culinary arts born by the great chefs, ambassadors for the Art of Living à la Française.

musee escoffier 50 ans

Pascal Lattes, Julie Durand, Aurélie Sartres & Michel Escoffier

A year full of events

The Musée Escoffier has planned other events to celebrate its 50 years: a great Birthday Party will be held on May 2, 2016 from 21h with a night tour of the museum (on reservation). A symposium Cuisine and Health in the XXI century, and an Epicurus Dinner will celebrate the 170th birthday of Auguste Escoffier on October 28, 2016, at the Fairmont Hotel in Monaco.
The 7-course dinner will be made by Philippe Joannès, executive chef of the Fairmont and Meilleur Ouvrier de France surrounded by six renowned chefs (reservations open on June 1, 2016).

Le Regard et la Main
Et si on Gardait le Meilleur Pour la… Faim?
Musée Escoffier de l’Art Culinaire
From April 26 to October 31, 2016

06270 Villeneuve Loubet Village
Tel: +33 (0)4 93 20 80 51

All days 14h – 18h (except holidays days)
July and August: 14h – 19h – Wed & Sat: 10h – 12h
Entry fee: 5 € / reduced: € 2.50
Free 1st Sunday of the Month

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