Antibes Juan-les-Pins Inaugurates New Palais des Congrès

” …I am following me, I am answering me, I am reflecting me and reverberating me, I shudder in mirrors ad infinitum – I am of glass.” As soon as we enter the new Palais des Congrès in Antibes Juan-les-Pins, it is a shock! and these few lines by Paul Valery (The Man of Glass) reappear in our mind.

The new harmonious building with elegant curves, inaugurated on September 21, shows a freedom of expression with the use of glass in which the image of its environment is reflected, the whole fully covered by a large canopy, a metal mesh. This ovoid structure helps give it an innovative image, inspiring for the future of a city – Antibes Juan-les-Pins -, a port – Vauban -, and a technopole – Sophia Antipolis – of international fame.
The ceremony was chaired by Senator Jean Leonetti, Mayor of Antibes Juan-les-Pins, in the presence of Philippe Baute, Director of the Office of Tourism, architect Jacques Ory and Chief Operation Officer of the Palais des Congrès, Jean-Pierre Derail.
This sumptuous Palais des Congrès, with a total area of 14 000 sqm, is located in the heart of the famous Pinède Goult in Juan-les-Pins, mythical destination for decades of worldwide stars of jazz. At 150 m from the sea, it enjoys the proximity of 1,000 3 to 5 stars hotel rooms, of sandy beaches, numerous restaurants as well as the whole tourist and festive attractiveness of the city where everything is located within walking distance to the delight of future delegates.
With this latest-generation tool, the city of Antibes Juan-les-Pins can now with its 6,500 m2 of exhibition space, to br well positioned on the market of large conventions, but also medium-sized events that make the bulk of the market and especially, to have an equipment that drives the industry throughout the year.
To achieve this colossal project, the municipality has used a public-private partnership that has allowed the city to develop an efficient tool without straining its finances. Success is already evidenced as many dates are already scheduled, including many product launches, medical and scientific conferences, business conventions and trade shows.
To fit into this semi-urban environment with multiple constraints (hight limited to 21 m, strict preservation of existing vegetation including pine trees), the architect Jacques Ory, foremost an artist, states that he wanted to do beautiful while showing respect to human being. He has imagine the best solution for him in terms of built environment and in terms of energy answers related to ecology.
The Palace of Antibes Juan -les-Pins Congress includes a 500-seat amphitheater – 12 modular committee rooms, in the daylight – 1 600 sqm of exhibition space in daylight –  376 parking spaces, complemented by an adjoining another 347 spaces parking. It also includes a 7 500 sqm commercial area dedicated to trades with high quality food offer, a gym and medium culture-oriented surfaces for leisure and personal goods. A panoramic dining area offers stunning views of the sea and the resort.

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