art tentation villefranche sur mer 2015

Art Tentation in Villefranche sur Mer

art tentation villefranche sur mer 2015Art Tentation, the Art fair at the Citadelle in Villefranche-sur-Mer has brought together many artists, professional gallery and luxury antiques from September 3 to 6, 2015.

Organized in collaboration with the company Oktopus Event and the city of Villefranche sur Mer, the first edition of the Art Tentation Art fair was held under the prestigious sponsorship of famous navigator – and artist – Titouan Lamazou who is also a writer, photographer, painter and was elected ambassador by the Unesco to advocate the cause of women.

La Citadelle, a historical place

The Art Tentation show took place at the gates of Monaco, in the enchanting setting of the Citadel in the heart of Villefranche sur mer, the city of painters and artists inspired by so much Mediterranean beauty. This historical monument from the 16th century, nestled in a lush setting overlooking one of the most beautiful harbor in the world with breathtaking panorama, a place of call frequented by many cruise ships, bathed by the gentle reflection of the sun of the Mediterranean, was overrun for three consecutive days by artists on all sides of the artistic spectrum and art lovers.

art tentation villefranche sur mer 2015

Titouan Lamazou photos

Exploring artistic universes and creations

Over 150 professional artists, contemporary art dealers, sculptors, photographers and luxury antique dealers gathered at Art Tentation. A great opportunity for the public to explore their universe and their creations. From contemporary Art to antiques, this show had the distinction to browse and highlight the wealth of crafts from all eras, styles, offering the visitors’ eyes creation under all forms, from photography or monumental sculptures to Street Art from French scene presented live by Berthéas Gallery.
To celebrate its opening, a private party hosted many guests who could admire and acquire the thousand and one marvels of the Art fair Art Tentation. After crossing the drawbridge and the huge fortified gates of the Citadel, they could stroll all evening through this vast amphitheater dedicated to art in all its forms.

Originality and diversity in Art

Upon arrival in the Volti courtyard, first shock encounter for the guests in front of the monumental sculptures by Richard Mas. Much more touching, the photo enthusiasts were able to admire the magnificent series of giant size portraits made by Titouan Lamazou during his travels.
The humor shone in the exhibition of contemporary drawings by the Collectif La Bouilloire as well as the originality in the works created with recycling parts from urban luminaries by company Ragni in Cagnes by the Connectif KKF (Keskon Fabrique).
In the Jardins de la Roseraie, the characters made of burlap by the young artist Lucas Bernardeschi caused a sensation with their originality. As with luxury antique dealers, installed in the bottom of the gardens of the citadel, they were showcased by the intervention of the association La passion des Temps.

art tentation villefranche sur mer 2015

Vika Verone

The Cabinet Vecchioni, a quality mécène

For this first edition of Art Tentation, the Law Firm Vecchioni was an art-loving patron for two artists: Vika Verone, who is painting instinctively and especially at night. She exhibited three paintings full of strength and movement, with names like The Cosmic Dancer and Dancer Black Power.
On the same stand, she was accompanied by the artist photographer Yan Forhan who exhibited two of his works titled: Tableaux Fantastic and X Color, two photos of a famous model magnified by a stunning body painting.

A flute for the road

During their walk, the guests could make a gourmet stop at the ephemeral restaurant Bio et Ethique. The most thirsty, the Château Lamartine Champagne bar could finish their evening off while toasting a glass of Champagne to Art.

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