the bfg steven spielberg

The BFG Blows Dreams on the Festival de Cannes

the bfg steven spielberg

The BFG souffleur de rêves ©DR

The BFG, The Big Friendly Giant by Steven Spielberg, brought an irresistible breath of dreams of the Cannes Film Festival, in touch with hearts that beat for a better world.

The BFG is a vegetarian and lonely Big Friendly Giant exposed to the insults of his more beefy, tyrannical brothers, who love fresh meat, especially the delicious one of children. His work of dreams blower brings him to meet Sophie, a young orphan and insomniac girl who also suffers from loneliness. The little girl and the giant will discover the wonders of friendship and together face the dangers Giant Country. With the help of the Queen of England as a bonus!

the bfg steven spielberg

Sophie ©DR

Frobscottle, with downwards bubbles

In London, Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) a 10-year insomniac orphan spends time at night reading with her cat. England is the country of the fairies and the street lighting creates giant and ghostly shadows around the orphanage where Sophie is languishing at the window. Suddenly, one of those shadows comes alive and reveals a giant who snatches Sophie. Covering long distances with giant leaps, he takes her to the Giants Country, in his den in a cave.
Upon arrival, Sophie is first afraid of him, but she soon realizes that the one who will become for her The BFG (Mark Rylance) is quite gentle, although being grumpy, speaking Gobblefunk, feeding upon unsavory snozzcumber stew, and drinking Frobscottle, a drink that sparkles in reverse and causes appalling green farts! The giant tells Sophie that she will now live in the Giant Country, without hope of return, for her not to betray his existence.
The giant and Sophie had always felt alone each in their own world and their encounter will change everything…

the bfg steven spielberg


The smallest of nine giants

Despite being 7 meters high, The BFG is the smallest of his other giant brothers, some eaters of man of earth, children hunters with appallingly developed smell, some huge tyrannical bullies led by Fleshlumpeater (Jemaine Clement). The nine brothers despise The BFG, considered a microbe, and use of him as a toy in their cruel games.
At the insistence of Sophie, the giant shows her his occupation: he takes her to the Land of Dreams, a magical land where dreams are born on the tip of the leaves  of a beautiful tree populated with frolicking lights. There, the giant collects in jars the sweet dreams – the Phizzwizzards – and even the nightmares – the Trogglehumpers. The BFG will teach Sophie all about the magic of dreams. His large ears enable him to hear a spider spins its web and also listen to the beating of children’s hearts that sigh.

the bfg steven spielberg

Sophie & The BFG

Support of the Queen of England

After avoiding serving as a meal for the evil giants and having done a dream-blowing tour with The BFG, Sophie develops a plan to get rid of Fleshlumpeater and his gang. The two friends will seek support from the Queen of England, even if they have to disclose the existence of the Giant Country. The Queen (Penelope Wilton), her assistant Mary (Rebecca Hall), and the two friends will develop a plan to get rid once and for all of the wicked giants during a tasty breakfast of anthology at Buckingham Palace.

The film is an adaptation of The BFG – The Big Friendly Giant, a book by British author Roald Dahl, published in 1982, the year Steven Spielberg recounted another atypical story of friendship in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. The film mixes live real views with digital art images with a sumptuous beauty to take the viewer into a world of magic, poetry and wonder, peppered with breathtaking action scenes. To delight young and old!

the bfg steven spielberg


The BFG de Steven Spielberg
Out of Competition – 1h55

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