Cannes is Yours, a Heavent for Meetings


At Heavent Meetings South 2013, one of the most attended stand was the one of Cannes Is Yours, promoting the Destination Cannes, where decisons makers were welcomed by Marketing and Sales Manager Isabelle Gainche and her team. The Cannes Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, managed by the SEMEC, has among its missions the promotion and marketing of the city of Cannes, the city that hosted the G20 in 2011. Cannes is the only destination in the world to identify itself with a brand, an internationally recognized label: Cannes Is Yours, based on the feeling of appropriating the city by organisers of events.

Common to business tourism and leisure tourism, the concept is based on the ownership of the city by the client. Offering a company the opportunity to “live Cannes” to organize their event, or give a family on vacation the possibility of enjoying the cultural diversity of the city, is the major asset of the destination. To live Cannes worldwide-recognized experience in hosting and organizing major events, is taking over this “global village” and be assured of quality service that only a major brand can offer.
The campaign highlights the competitiveness of the city of Cannes in terms of product launches with event agencies or direct “corporate”. The message is simple: focus on the facilities for organization, the dramatization of the event and the value added by the exclusive “the City is Yours! ” To live Cannes is to live the city in all its diversity. The programming of winter and summer seasons offers travel alibis through events of international renown. To complement its fame around the 7th Art, Cannes combines multidisciplinary events with its many festivals that pepper the calendar of key events which have become unavoidable, such as the Festival International des Jeux (International Games Festival), the summer festivals: Pyrotechnics Festival, Pantiero Festival, Russian Art Festival, Dance Festival, International Jumping, Festival International de la Plaisance, the Rencontres Cinématographiques (Film Meetings).
Cannes, with its triple ISO 9001 certification Palais des Festivals et des Congrès combined with its high-standards hostelry is an ideal place for events, considering that tourism, world-class events and business conventions have generated a strong demand for quality events and suppliers.


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