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Chateau Roubine Enchanted by Carmina Burana

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, Chateau Roubine offered a sublime performance of Carmina Burana under a starry sky in its the gorgeous park.

For the fourth edition of its Voix en Vigne Festival, two special evenings at Chateau Roubine enchanted wine lovers and music lovers under the stars of summer nights. Two concerts on July 9 and 11, in the heart of its beautiful park surrounded by vineyards, with the Chateau Roubine in the background, offered a stunning light and music show, the opportunity to enjoy music and wine.

Music and wine bring people together

Wine brings closer and creates conviviality around the table, and the Art of making an exceptional wine also brings together men and women around the Art to sublimate exchanges between wine and artistic traditions.
To open the coteaux on new cultural horizons, Valérie Rousselle, owner of Chateau Rubin, had the idea four years ago of launching the Voix en Vigne Festival.
The Festival d’Art Lyrique is based on themes inspired by the vine and wine in combination with music and voice with a choice of prestigious musical works performed in magic summer starry skies.
Air, water, earth and fire were the themes animating the first editions of Voix en Vigne and the cultural programming will continue in the coming years around the five senses.

Carmina Burana

On July 9, a Mozart Evening opened Voix en Vigne with the opening of the Magic Flute, followed by the Requiem. At its birthday evening on July 11, Chateau Roubine welcomed the National Symphony Orchestra of Moldova Radio and Television and its soloists, with the participation of soprano Sandrine Sutter. After interpreting the Opening For an Academic Festival by Johannes Brahms, 180 musicians and singers have interpreted Carmina Burana by Carl Orff, in the original version.
Carmina Burana is a tribute to the goddess Fortuna with an exaltation of spring and a celebration of love, composed in 1936 by the German Carl Orff after students medieval poems from twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

A major choral ensemble

The 130 singers were from the Choir of the Lorgues Choral Ensemble, under the direction of Florence Leroux-Ghristi, completed by the exceptional participation of PACA Regional Choir under the direction of Michel Piquemal. Conductor Henry Gallois brilliantly conducted the orchestra and choir for a majestic and grandiose interpretation of Carmina Burana.
The soloists of the National Symphony Orchestra of Moldova Radio and Television were the Soprano Tatiana Costiuc, Tenor Timofti Ion, Baritone Andrei Oltean. The mezzo-soprano Sandrine Sutter also delighted the audience with her crystal voice.

Fireworks and tasting

To make the celebration even more beautiful, magnificent fireworks were fired at the end of the concert. It majestically set the night sky ablaze for the delight of the large audience who came to revel in this night dedicated to music and lyricism. After the birthday feast, the audience could enjoy a tasting of delicious Chateau Roubine wines.

About Chateau Roubine

In the heart of the Var, between Draguignan and Lorgues, Chateau Roubine, one of the oldest vineyards in France, has always been attached to the history of Provence. Since 1994, several investments have been made, giving the estate advanced winemaking equipment to best expose the richness of its soil and nature. Owning since 1953 the title “Cru Classé”, Chateau Roubine developed unique and prestigious vintages, Inspire, Terre de Croix, which reflect the best of Cru Classé de Provence.
Valérie Rousselle, always striving to making her vineyards more attractive to visitors, has implemented an attractive wine tourism offer: a guest house, the Mas des Candeliers, a Vigneron path, courses of Provencal cuisine and many cultural events, exhibitions and concerts.

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