journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Château Sainte Roseline, Truffle in Haute Goûture

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Château Sainte Roseline

At Château Sainte Roseline, the Truffe Noire brought its sensual perfume to the marriage of wines and gastronomy on the classed wine estate from the XIIth century.

Château Sainte Roseline in the Var celebrated on Sunday January 15, 2017, the  Black Diamond from Provence, powerfully perfumed witness of the Art of living, landscapes and terroir of the Var. The sensual and carnal perfume of the Black Truffle floated in the cellars of the Château, where a very large public discovered this rare and mysterious mushroom that sublimates even the simplest dishes with its unique and captivating perfume.
The domaine’s owner, Aurélie Bertin, had concocted a program rich in animations, culinary demonstrations and truffle digging with truffle dogs. And, of course, a guided visit of the cellars allowed the visitors to discover the nectars produced on the domain.
A Provençal market with stalls loaded with beautiful and appetizing black truffles, highlighted with a sumptuous Tout à la Truffe gourmet meal – the key event of the day – by chef Sebastian Gaillard celebrated the pleasures of the table, sublimated by the Château Sainte Roseline wines.

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Tuber Melanosporum

The Truffle, a mushroom fueled by mystery

The Black Truffle, called rabasse or even black truffle from Périgord, is a mushroom of the sun, which nevertheless grows underground and is harvested in winter. Its culture at the foot of noble trees like the oak, favors the traditional exchanges with Mother Nature. Through the landscapes that its cultivation transforms and the varied and succulent gastronomy it inspires, the truffle offers a magnificent theme of winter tourism.
Natural truffles fields being threatened by drought in summer, the terroir of the Var offers areas ideal for the cultivation of the truffle which requires a limestone soil at about 500 m of altitude, with possibility of irrigation.
 If these conditions are met, the planting of mycorrhized oaks with the queen of truffles – the Tuber Melanosporum for scientists – gives hope for a delicious harvest after 6 to 7 years of patience. 
A rabassier with his truffle dog made demonstrations of “cavage” (truffle digging) and gave technical advice on his cultivation.

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Marché Provençal

A perfumed Provençal Market

While waiting for one’s personal production, the Provençal market in the cellars and the courtyard of the Château Sainte Roseline, has proposed to the numerous gastronomes some fresh truffle from the Haut Var – a very visited stand – and tastings/sales of regional and artisanal products based on the black diamond such as canned truffles, truffle-flavored olive oils and various truffled culinary preparations… How to resist the perfume of truffles in the cellars? Many visitors have fallen for the succulent Brouillade à la Truffe, whose perfumes exhaled beyond the cellars, accompanied by a nectar from Château Sainte Roseline.

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Sebastian Gaillard en démonstration

Culinary demonstration of Foie Gras with Truffles

Before and after the lunch Around the Truffe, chef Sebastian Gaillard, chef of the restaurant La Truffe in Aups – capital of the Black Diamond in the Var – shared his know-how for the creation of a sumptuous Foie Gras with Truffles. Captivating the public, the chef Sebastian Gaillard unveiled a very simple recipe with two small scallops of pan-fried foie gras, shaped in a mold. The truffle comes in strips between the two slices and the whole, wrapped in plastic film and aluminum foil, is cooked slowly in a saucepan of boiling water under which the fire has been cut. The students had the privilege of enjoying this dish at the end of the demonstration.

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Déjeuner Tout à la Truffe

Haute Goûture Truffle Fashion Show

Specializing in truffle based cuisine, Chef Sebastian Gaillard explains: “The truffle is such a noble product that I do not cook it: I accompany it. It is like a Top Model that I have to dressed.”
Here is the original Truffle Défilé Haute Goûture tasted during a gastronomic lunch with creative gourmande prowess in refined declination of the Truffle.

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Chou Craquelin au Boudin Noir et Blanc

Amuse bouche: Chou Craquelin stuffed with black and white truffled Boudin with its reduction of wine.
In a harmoniously rounded “chou”, well protected by its “carapace” of craquelin, the frank flavor of the Boudin has bloomed, suave and unctuous in the mouth, lavishing a caress to the palate, to which the truffle gives an endless length in mouth.

Chou Craquelin

Foie Gras truffé

Starter: Foie Gras with Truffle, organic Tomato jelly, brioche roll
A magnificent marriage of Foie Gras and Truffle, its traditional companion of the gourmet heritage. Before being slowly associated with the truffle by a slow cooking at low temperature, the velvety and fondant foie gras has been pan-fried to offer the most beautiful expression of this magnificent product. It thus acquires a unique flavor, to which the truffle adds the perfumed soul of our region. The presentation in “sailboat” of the dish conjugated pleasure of the pupils and the papillae.

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

The Cuvée Prieure – Cru Classé

For the food and wine pairings of this lunch Around the Truffle, the sommelier had selected some Red (2012) and White (2014) wines from La Cuvée Prieure, the flagship of Château Sainte Roseline. The Cuvée Prieure sublimates wines from the sunniest plots in the domaine, offering rich wines dedicated to gastronomy. The Cuvée Prieure Blanc comes from a mono grape Le Rolle, raised ten months in oak barrels to give it toasted notes. The Cuvée Prieure Rouge consists of a blend of 25% Cabernet and 75% Syrah. The wine is aged in barrels – half of which are old barrels – to round off the strength of the wine and give it a remarkable balance of tannins.

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Pavé de Veau et sa Truffe

Powerful and elegant alliances

Main dish: Larded Veal Pavé with Grated Truffle, Truffle Creamy Gnocchis
An alliance rich in texture and flavors of typical of traditional herb and vegetation breeding, with the powerful ones from earth, roots and subsoil. In a dress of larded tenderness, the mellow and rosy calf exhales its juices, to be tasted in mouthfuls decorated with slices of fresh and crisp truffle. A colorful juice brings its “spicy” dimension and the gnocchi, abundantly truffled, melt in the mouth. A truly delicious dish with an elegant sensuality which emphasizes that savoriness is best expressed in smoothness!

Pavé de Veau lardé et sa Truffe

Fromage truffé

Truffle cheese: a soft cheese made with cow’s milk, embellished with truffle shavings in the middle. A classic revisited “façon terroir” with its little bagel of goat cheese. Unctuousness on a bed of perfume: the Truffe predominates by exhaling its carnal fragrance of earth and subsoil.

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Mousse au Chocolat noir

Dessert: Mousse with 70% Mexican Chocolate and crémeux Caramel heart with Truffle.
A succulent dessert concocted by Nadine, Sebastian Gaillard’s wife. A rich half-sphere of chocolate mousse, on which a butterfly of black truffle has perched. Omnipresent with each sweet mouthful, the powerful flavor of the truffle perfectly marries with the suave flavor of chocolate. Finally, the spoon reveals a heart of caramel with salted butter on a crisp base. A delight of light and perfumed sweetness that comes at the high point of a farandole of truffled flavors!

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Sebastian Gaillard

Sebastian Gaillard, a passionate chef

Sacred Maître Restaurateur since 2016, Sebastian Gaillard belongs to the Var Disciples of Auguste Escoffier, the Toques Blanches Internationales, as well as to the members of the Grand Cordon d’Or of Monaco. This passionate chef has fine-tuned his talent and the art of blending flavors and cultures with travel and experiences in Argentina, Paraguay and Spain. Sebastian Gaillard is based in Aups, where, in his Restaurant La Truffe – displaying the Quality Restaurant plaque given by the Collège Culinaire de France – he has been sharing for five years his cuisine du marché, full of flavors, prepared with noble and fresh products.

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Cave ©Château sainte Roseline

About the Château Sainte Roseline

Located thirty minutes away from Saint-Tropez, Cannes and the Gorges du Verdon, the Château Sainte Roseline at Les Arcs sur Argens has been developing wine culture for seven centuries. Placed under the protection of Sainte Roseline – whose relics can be seen in the estate’s chapel – the vineyard produces Rosé, Rouges and Blancs Cru classé des Côtes de Provence. Pioneer of ecotourism in France, the Château offers a harmonious ensemble of oenology, terroir and landscapes. Lovers of culture and Art, history and heritage can discover the Roseline Chapel sheltering works of Chagall, Giacometti, Bazaine and Ubac.

journee truffe chateau sainte roseline 2017

Cavage de truffes avec chien truffier

Château Sainte Roseline

83460 Les Arcs sur Argens.
Tél. +33 (0)4 94 99 50 39

The Truffle Day at the Château Sainte Roseline in pictures

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