21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois

Jacques Chibois 21st Truffle Market

21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois

La Bastide Saint Antoine

The Truffle Market at La Bastide Saint Antoine in Grasse, chef Jacques Chibois’ 5-star Relais & Châteaux, celebrated the gastronomy of the Truffe Noire.

The Truffle Market at La Bastide Saint Antoine in Grasse has, for the 21st time, celebrated the Tuber Melanosporum – the Black Truffle – in the form of many delicacies on Saturday January, 7 2017. The Black Diamond of the Provence subsoil, a mushroom with a bewitching perfume and powerful flavor – which still remains mysterious – is flavourig number of dishes that it ennobles, and serves as the basis for many culinary preparations proposed to thousands of gourmets in love with truffles on the market of producers and craftsmen opened in the park planted with age-old olive trees of La Bastide Saint Antoine in Grasse. The Truffe Noire was the queen of the lunch signed by the starred chef Jacques Chibois, bringing its perfume as a present to the marriage of haute gastronomy and wines.

21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois

Jacques Chibois, Michel Santinelli, Max Cartier and Gérard Lombardo, Maire du Rouret

The Art of Living in Provence

A perfumed witness to the Art of living, landscapes and terroir of Provence, the sensual and carnal perfume of the Black Truffle floated on the park of La Bastide Saint Antoine which hosted the 21st edition of the Truffle Market for a dedicated day to the refined pleasures of the table. Thousands of gourmets have come to discover this rare and mysterious mushroom that grows secretly at the feet of oaks or hazels, is harvested in winter and sublimates even the simplest dishes with its unique and captivating perfume. The Provencal market loaded with truffles offered fresh truffles and tastings/sales of regional products such as the saffron and home-made jams by Laure Magni-Orosco from Tanneron, L’Azuréenne craft beer, Piechal Olive Oil in Châteauneuf, honeys and hive products from Caussols, or the Provence wines from Château Roubine, Clos des Roses, Château La Callisse or Château Vignelaure

21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois

Truffe & rabassier

A day “truffled” with happiness

During this day dedicated to the truffled gastronomy – in salty but also sweet version- the gourmets were able to feast on Brouillade of Truffle, Foie Gras, Pissaladière, Tourte Périgourdine, Quiche Lorraine, perfumed with truffles, to taste on the spot. A slice of truffled Brie fermier with its peasant bread came as a prelude to the superb desserts – Almond Mirliton Pie and Truffled Apple; Gros Choux, Banana, Coco and Vanilla with Truffle; Brownie with Confit Chestnuts Crème Chocolat with Truffle, Pancakes pralinées withTruffle, etc. – made by the pastry chef of the Bastide Saint Antoine, Stéphane Mangin. All washed down with hot wine and chocolate.
The Syndicat de la Trufficulture and its “rabassiers” with their truffle dogs made demonstrations of “truffle digging” and gave technical advice on its culture. The apprentices rabassiers and the enthusiastic becs-fins could leave with a mycorhized oak from Pépinières Robin in Fayence to grow their own Black Diamonds.

21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois

Tuber Melanosporum

Development of the Truffle cultivation

The cultivation of truffles at the foot of noble trees – holm and pubescent oaks or hazel trees – models the landscapes of the Alpes Maritimes where 300 hectares have been planted, with the help of the Department, and the varied and succulent gastronomy inspired by this mushroom of exception, constitute for the region a magnificent and delicious theme for the winter tourism.
Michel Santinelli, President of the PACA Regional Federation of truffle growers, and elected officials like Jérôme Viaud, Mayor of Grasse and Senator Jean-Pierre Leleux, emphasized the “long time” that the maturation of the truffle demands and the “short time” of the tasting, providing a “fireworks of flavors”.
Michel Santinelli thanked the sculptor Max Cartier for his magnificent work of art, L’Homme Truffier, the poster of the 21st Truffle Market and paid tribute to the great and late Wollinski, who was the godfather of a previous edition, in the presence of the talented cartoonis Krisitian, godfather of the 2015 edition.
Pioneer of the promotion of the truffle with Michel Santinelli, Jacques Chibois said: “We buy and cook the Truffle for others, it is a story of sharing and friendship.” The famous star chef then brightened the day with a sumptuous all Truffle gastronomic meal.

21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois

Chef Jacques Chibois

The meal of the Truffle Market

To begin the year 2017 under the sign of the Truffle, Jacques Chibois had concocted as a starter a superb Velouté of dry ceps, Crémeux of Truffle and Celery Rave like a Risotto. Although evoking a maritime landscape, like an island of Celery Rave in grain of rice, bathed in a creamy velouté, the dish exalts the perfumes of the earth, forest subsoil and roots. This reminds us of the miracle of the benefits and tastes Nature provides us with: combined with the concentrated nutty flavor of dried ceps, the truffle brings its carnal, powerful and persistent perfume, sublimated by the smoothness of the velouté with an appetizing color of the calcareous earth of predilection of the truffle.

21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois

Velouté de Cèpes secs au Crémeux de Truffe

To follow, the filet of Gros Loup on its Fondue of Carrots, Parsnips, Truffles, Chestnuts, green Coulis of Parmentier of lemony leeks. Attracted by the island of the previous dish, the Sea Bass with delicate flesh is enjoyed in its sublime cape of Truffle, in an alliance of vegetables with flavors of earth, soft and strong of young carrots and parsnips and the gourmande touch of the chestnut. The leek brings a slightly sweet note, raised with the fruity acid of the lemon. Present at every bite, the munificence of the truffle harmonizes the tastes with its complex and exhilarating perfume.

21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois

Filet de Gros Loup

For the meat dish, Jacques Chibois innovates with an original and succulent Gigot de Piglet confit seven hours in the oven, with Truffle, Sauce Périgourdine with Foie Gras, with its Polenta peppered with Coffee powder. A festival of textures with the confit melting under the tongue, crowned with a slice of leg of a tender piglet rich in a creaminess with the aftertaste of fine butter, placed on a bed of polenta dressed in a sauce with Foie Gras which gives its full dimnsion to the dish. The skillful construction of flavors is exalted by the powerful, ubiquitous perfume of humus and earth of the black diamond, softened by the subtle orange blossom of potimarron when the coffee recalls its note of bitterness in the creamy polenta.

21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois

After this symphony of captivating salty flavors, here comes the charm of dessert, a creation by talented pastry chef Stéphane Mangin. At the high point of the Truffle Market lunch, the creativity of the pâtissier offered a Chocolate Shelle in White with Truffle, Pear Sweetness, and Truffled Prunes Ice Cream. To make the string of gourmandise vibrate, the Truffle brings its divine refined aromas to the sweetness, in a particularly happy combination of Chocolate and Pear. A crisp white chocolate shell reveals a cream with pear on a background of salted butter caramel, crowned with an ice cream with the delicious, rich and sweet fragrance of prunes, balanced between sweetness and freshness.

21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois

Coque de Chocolat tout en Blanc à la Truffe

To sublimate the flavors of this sumptuous meal in tribute to the Truffe Noire, the sommelier offered his selection of the vignerons from the Market: a White Mouton Cadet wine and a Red Côte de Provence Saint Victorin.

The upcoming Truffle Markets

A showcase truffle-growing in the Alpes Maritimes, the Truffle Market at the Bastide Saint Antoine in Grasse inaugurates in a friendly and gourmand way the season of the truffle markets in the Pays d’Azur.
The Truffle Market will continue on Sunday January 15 at Le Rouret, near Grasse. Gérard Lombardo, Mayor of the Rouret, organizes from 9h to 12h guided tours of the experimental truffle field installed on the commune, to discover the culture of the truffle “in situ”. Shuttle buses will bring the public all morning from the town hall. At 15h, a conference on the Truffle and its culture will reveal the potential of production in the Maritime Alps before the demonstration of a truffled dish.

21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois

Discours de Jérôme Viaud, Maire de Grasse

Upcoming Truffle markets:
Le Rouret – Sunday January 15, 2017
Villeneuve Loubet – Sunday January 22, 2017
Gréolières – Sunday, January 29, 2017
Colomars – Sunday February 5, 2017
Puget Théniers – Saturday February 11, 2017

All selections of Tuber Melanosporum truffles offered in these markets are checked by the controllers from the Syndicat des Trufficulteurs des Alpes Maritimes.

21eme marché de la truffe jacques chibois


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