cuisine nissarde 2016

Cuisine Nissarde, a Tradition of Flavors

©Ville de Nice

cuisine nissarde 2016The label Cuisine Nissarde rewarded the cuisine of 22 restaurants from Nice and the surroundings at a ceremony in the salons of the Hotel Westminster.

The Cuisine Nissarde label is a gem of Nice heritage created in 1995 by Madame Renée Graglia, president of the Capelina d’Or, the emblematic figure of Cuisine Niçoise. To receive the precious mark, real guarantee of quality for consumers, 22 elected restaurateurs gathered in the salons of the Hôtel Westminster in Nice. Out of these 22 restaurants honoring the Cuisine Niçoise – 16 renewals and 6 new accredited – 8 are located in the Vieux Nice, cradle of the Nissarde culture, where tradition is perpetuated around the stoves.

cuisine nissarde 2016

Les restaurateurs récompensés ©

Cuisine Nissarde, a quality label

Nice is renowned as much for its tourist attractions as for its sunny cuisine. A traditional and Mediterranean cuisine, based on vegetables, with flavors and scents. Its generous and welcoming table is a reflection of the well-being in Nice. How not to be seduced by the traditional and delicious Nissardes recipes, with their taste of olive oil? The restaurateurs holders of the Cuisine Nissarde brand (indicated by a visual stamped in their front) were elected by a technical committee composed of chefs, cooking teachers and cooking specialists, responsible for assessing the selection criteria on recepes, but also on the quality of the products and reception.

cuisine nissarde 2016

Pan Bagnat

Nice tables and delicious Niçoises specialties

The traditional local cuisine is always carried on in the Old Nice, soil of the Nissarde culture, where the little Cuisine Nissarde macaroon flourishes, highlighting the chefs who are delighting their customers with delicious specialties. Among the best known, the famous Salade Niçoise, Nice culinary specialty, now spread around the world; the Socca, culinary specialty based on chickpea flour; the Pissaladière, a bed of onions confit on bread dough, the Tourte de Blettes (la Tourta de Blea in niçois), to be enjoyed salty or sweet. Other Nissarde celebrities smelling the Provençal terroir: the Pan Bagnat, a tuna sandwich, with salad drizzled with olive oil, the Petits Farcis Niçois with vegetables: tomatoes, courgettes, onions, peppers, stuffed with a farce, the Beignets de Fleurs de Courgette (zucchini flowers fritters) or the delicious Soupe au Pistou, as well as the Ratatouille, the Daube, the Stockfish (estocafic) or the Raviolis, and so much more…

cuisine nissarde 2016

La Socca

A guarantee of quality for customers

The Cuisine Nissarde label was created in 1995 by the Cercle de la Capelina d’Or and its illustrious President, Madame Renée Graglia. It aims to maintain and defend the cuisine from the County of Nice. In 2013, the label was taken over by the Office of Tourism and Congress of the City of Nice. The Cuisine Nissarde label is now awarded to establishments, tables with family or gastronomic cuisine, which meet various criteria: cook at least three Niçoises recipes , offer quality local products, know Nice history and heritage, take care for reception and information, as well as display the plaque attesting the label on the storefront.

cuisine nissarde 2016

Salade Niçoise

Restaurants awarded the label Cuisine Nissarde

L’A’Buteghinn’a,  l’Acchiardo, l’Auberge de l’Aire St Michel, L’Autobus, L’Escalinada, La Cantine de Lulu, La Fourchina d’Aqui, La Gaité Nallino, La Ratapignata, La Table Alziari, Le Jardin d’Hélène, Le Safari, Lou Balico, Lu Fran Calin, Poupon et Marinette, Rive Droite *.
Hors Nice: Chez Michel *, L’Estragon *, La Capeline *, La Gaudriole *, La Guinguette Gaudoise *, Le Jardin.

cuisine nissarde 2016

Les Galeries Lafayette honorées

Galeries Lafayette awarded a Quality Mark

On the same day and ceremony, the Nice Galeries Lafayette received the mark Qualité Tourisme, becoming the first department store in France to boast it. Created in 2005, the Quality Tourism label honors some structures that offer quality services according to 300 criteria, from customer satisfaction to the network of providers, teams competence or heritage valorization.

International clientele and tailored services

Located in the heart of Nice since 1916 on the Place Massena, the Galeries Lafayette department store is a key crossing point for tourists visiting the city. For eight years, the famous Niçoise brand, 2nd store after Paris by the turnover, has implemented a commercial strategy for its foreign clientele of 4 million visitors annually (45% of the store traffic).
The store offers customized services for every nationality, and in particular has set up services such as a tax refund or concierge service. Finally, some of the staff is multilingual.
These major strengths enable the Niçoise brand to be one of the privileged partners of Nice Tourist Office of and the CRT Côte d’Azur.

A global brand

Created in 1894, the Galeries Lafayette is the first network of stores in France, also present internationally: Berlin, Casablanca, Dubai, Jakarta and Beijing.

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