candeloro dancing on ice

Dancing On Ice With Candeloro in Cannes

philippe candeloro dancing on ice

Philippe Candeloro opening the show

The French star of figure skating Philippe Candeloro performed his superb show “Dancing on Ice” on the ice rink at Allées de la Liberté in Cannes.

There was a good crowd of fans on Sunday December 28, 2014, in the afternoon around the 200 m2 of the ephemeral ice rink installed on the Allées de la Liberté on the occasion of end-of-year celebrations in Cannes to attend the colorful show Dancing on Ice, choreographed by Olivia Darmon-Candeloro, Philippe Candeloro‘s wife.

French Cancan and Rock’n’Roll

The show, which brought together on the ice our favorite “chouchou” Philippe Candeloro and his fourteen skaters, immediately seduced the audience with its fantasy, aesthetics and humor. The skaters, dancing in beautiful and colorful costumes, chained in music and rhythm some bold and erotic french cancan figures with froufrou skirts and raised legs.
The Charleston, performed dynamically in spectacular duos, had considerable success and was highly acclaimed. The frantic swaying to the sound of Rock’n’Roll and disco, spiced with acrobatic pirouettes by our awesome Philippe Candeloro, finally set fire to the ice and finished the show on a high.

philippe candeloro dancing on ice

Colorful costumes, sparkle and sequins

Sporty and showman

The proof that our bronze medalist at 1994 Olympics is always fit and we see with pleasure that the time had no hold on him. This out of the ordinary competitor with a stunning track record when he interpreted on ice Lucky Luke, James Bond, D’Artagnan, Le Parrain… became a showman with charisma and showmanship. To the audience’s delight, he brilliantly executed his famous pirouette on his knees that forever bears his name.

Philippe Candeloro

The figure skater Philippe Candeloro was silver medalist for the first time at the European Championships in Helsinki in 1993 then in France, in Paris in 1996. He subsequently obtained the bronze medals at the 1994 Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer and in 1998 in Nagano. He was also Vice-World Champion in 1994.
He invented a series of forward jumps with his feet together and a pirouette on the knees. He also made the “back-flip”. These last two figures are now banned in amateur competition.
After the Olympic Winter Games in Nagano in 1998, Philippe Candelero put an end to his amateur career and became a professional skater. He won the World Professional title in 2000, a title he never got as an amateur…
When he’s not touring his show Dancing On Ice, Philippe Candeloro is now a sports consultant on the French TV channel France Télévision (Bompart Trophy in 2005, Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006) et he is part of the Ice Show on M6.
He also participates in numerous variety shows on various TV channels like Dancing with the Stars

philippe candeloro dancing on ice

Philippe Candeloro

Welcome to the ice rink!

To better savor the year-end holidays, the City of Cannes provides free access to the rink with free skates rental. All the reasons to be dancing on ice at the Christmas village!

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