Eléonores Provence

Eléonores To Promote Provence Art of Living

Eléonores Provence

The Eléonores de Provence

Introduced 2,600 years ago, the vineyard in Provence is said to be the birthplace of French vineyards. At Restaurant Castellaras in Fayence, on Tuesday, June 25, 2013, La Route Des Eléonores was officially opened, leading lovers of Wine, Gastronomy and Arts of the Table towards vineyards where passionate women defend the Art of Living in Provence.

The Eléonores de Provence, women of wine and character

The Eléonores de Provence is an association of lady winemakers, ambassadors of a subtle and refined Provençal lifestyle. Eleanor of Provence was one of the first ambassadors abroad of the lifestyle of our beautiful region when she married Henry III of England in 1236. As a reference to this pioneer, some lady winemakers, fervent defenders of traditions, gathered to defend the heritage and traditions of Provence around wine, food and arts of the table.
The Route des Eléonores was opened at Restaurant Le Castellaras in Fayence, the day of the Saint Eléonore, an unusual saint … During her address, President Valerie Rousselle (Château Roubine) told her strong character: with a strong personality, frankly independent and emancipated, Eléonore does not accept the submission. Woman of character and power, she is a leader who loves to order and impose her rules. Confident, determined and assertive, she is a go-getter and a fighter who will be diplomatic and open-minded to get what she wants. Characteristics that perfectly apply to the Eléonores de Provence!

The principles of the Association

The defense of the tradition and heritage of Provence; the transmission of know-how by educating our children, current and future clients, our French and foreign guests in Provence; the respect for the quality of products and the environment; mutual aid and solidarity among members, but also to the outside, through charitable activities in order to each year raise funds and provide financial support for a humanitarian cause. On the occasion of the opening of the Route des Eléonores de Provence, the lady winemakers tried out their brand new Eléonores pink apron.

A wide range of emotions

route-des-eleonores-324The Eléonores are women who pass the regional culinary heritage by working local products while integrating modernity necessary to changing tastes. In that sense, the Eléonores printed their Route on an original and typically feminine communication support: a fan-shaped map, with a circulation of 50,000 copies, to demonstrate the range of choices they offer and provide a “refreshing image” of their rosé wines. The fan has a Qr-code that redirects readers to the Eléonores’ blog. The Eléonores also have a Facebook page.
The lady winemakers make discover and showcase the wine appellations of the region (Bandol, Bellet, Les Baux de Provence, Cassis, Cote de Provence, Coteaux Varois en Provence, Aix en Provence Coteau, Palette) in France and abroad. From Nice to the Durance, from the Verdon to the Mediterranean, each during his peregrinations will meet passionate women, unusual sites and quality products of our beautiful Provence.



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