fetes gourmandes villeneuve loubet 2014

Fetes Gourmandes 2014 in Villeneuve-Loubet

The picturesque village of Villeneuve Loubet hosted on July 18 to 20, 2014 the 22nd Fetes Gourmandes, an hymn to haute cuisine over two decades in Auguste Escoffier’s home.

This year again, the edition was exceptional: Villeneuve Loubet, the birthplace of Auguste Escoffier, the “king of chefs and chef of kings”, put on a great spread, attracting the best chefs in the region with a program combining gourmand, gourmet and gastronomy.

Red carpet for starred chefs

The spotlight was put on cooking demonstrations with, on Friday, chefs Gabriela Stockler (Carré Llorca, Old Nice) and Arnaud Tabarec (one Michelin star, Restaurant Sea Sens – Five Hotel, Cannes). On Saturday, it was Philippe Joannes (Fairmont Hotel, Monaco), Gabriel Degenne (Château de la Bégude) and on Sunday: Sébastien Broda (one Michelin star) and Hervé Buisson (Park 45 – Grand Hotel Cannes), Lucie Pichon (Vista Palace Hotel, Roquebrune Cap Martin) and Frédéric Galland.
The days of haute gastronomie closed up with the big show signed “Les Toques Brulées” and ond its leader, the succulent and thunderous David Faure.
These three days of cooking demonstrations were facilitated by Aline from Cook and Shoot who orgnizes cooking and pastry classes for general public with cooks and pastry chefs of the French Riviera at the Cultural Center Auguste Escoffier in Villeneuve Loubet).

Pan Bagnat and Peach Melba

The Fetes Gourmandes are honoring the French gastronomy as a whole, but much more, as the event invited visitors to leasurely share a corner of table to taste the delicious “Pan Bagnat” (Nice specialty) washed down with a delicious rosé, served by one of the many fast food stalls set up on the site.
As dessert, a tasting of the real Peach Melba was proposed by the Festival Committee. The original recipe was created in 1894 by the great chef Auguste Escoffier in honor of the singer Nellie Melba, who became popular at the opening of the Carlton hotel in London in 1899.

Italy in the spotlight

During their wanderings, visitors were able to discover in the heart of the village a real Italian village dedicated to friends from Forlimpopoli (twinned with Villeneuve Loubet), and its native Pellegrino Artusi, Italian cuisine genius. Again, culinary entertainment was proposed and organized by the association “Mariette”, cooking demonstrations concocted by students of the Forlimpopoli Hotel School, dedicated to young and old.
A market with typical Romagna products was offered to lovers of fine Italian products. And to finish off their delicious walk in the colors of Italy, they were able to enjoy specialties from Romagna (Pasta, Piadine…) in the food court located opposite the Town Hall of the village.

Children’s area

In this 22nd edition of Fetes Gourmandes, children were spoiled with entertainment like workshops Les P’tits Gourmets, Les Mitrons en Herbe and the Bread workshop led by C. Vinciguerra, wood turners, demonstrations of sculptures on fruits and vegetables led by Mr. Timbert.

A lovely snack

The Fetes Gourmandes proposed also ephemeral restaurants, gourmet stalls offering traditional cuisine to eat on the go, the sushi bar, pastries and sweets, wine bars, a lounge area and tastings of coffees from the world.

Musical entertainment

This edition, which has combined tradition and modernity, has favored the necessary party ingredients: music and concert… And the three days of gourmet friendliness continued late into the night with ambulatory groups, musical entertainment and concerts that made all the Mediterranean nightlife party-goers dance.

The 22nd edition of Fetes Gourmandes in Villeneuve Loubet were another great success. We can’t wait until next year  for the feast to start again!


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