grenoble little big valley mipim 2014

Grenoble Little Big Valley at MIPIM 2014

At MIPIM 2014, the city of Grenoble presented itself as a “Little Big Valley” boasting innovative projects in partnership with Bouygues Construction and the unique electric vehicle i-Road experiment.

The uniqueness and competitiveness of tomorrow’s Grenoble model based on a dynamic innovation in this very livable city, has today given it a true international recognition. Autonomous buildings in energy and water? It may be for tomorrow, thanks to the audacious partnership between the city of Grenoble and Bouygues Construction, that has earned the capital of the Alps to be classified, in November 2013, the third most innovative city in Europe and the fifth in the world by the business magazine Forbes.

Daily TV broadcast

During MIPIM, a TV studio set on the stand of Grenoble in the Salon des Ambassadeurs, hosted numerous politicians and prominent personalities of the region who came to discuss three themes. First, the quality of life, the natural environment, cultural, sports and educational contributing to the economic attractiveness and the art of living in the heart of the Alps.
Then Grenoble, land of technological, scientific and social innovation, pioneering metropolis developed around the alliance “University, Research and Industry.” On 13 March, finally, famous architects and professionals in the real estate business gave their vision of the city of tomorrow.
During these three days, cheese lovers could to enjoy the many cow, sheep or goat  specialty cheeses offered by cheese world champion and MOF from Grenoble, Bernard Mure-Ravaud and Laetitia Gaborit, also a MOF or taste delicious cocktails and culinary preparations with Chartreuse (Alps liquor) served on the panoramic terrace facing the Mediterranean and Cannes Old Port.

i-Road innovative carsharing

On March 12, Geneviève Fioraso, Minister of Higher Education and Research visited the booth “Grenoble, Little Big Valley”. She attended the presentation of Toyota’s i-Road, 100% electric vehicle. 70 vehicles will be available in carsharing this fall as an European exclusivity in the eco-city of Grenoble. Indeed, by its proximity to Alpine places of electricity production, this energy is preferred for transport.

Water self-sustaining buildings

Bouygues Construction and the city of Grenoble concluded a partnership for research and development to build an island of 90 collective housing buildings for a total energy independence through solar panels, wind turbines and cogeneration (heat, electricity) which will reduce by 20% the power consumption and 30% the heating consumption.
Autonomy in water will give the building a futuristic shape. To achieve this, the building will have an inverted petal shaped roof which will collect 20 liters of rain per day. These few liters will be part of an aimed consumption of 75 liters per day per person (120 liter currently in collective dwellings). The difference will come from water recycling, management and exploitation of optimized waste.

Grenoble Little Big Valley is also implementing a cable car connecting first the metropolis to the Vercors in 2016. In 2020 it will go through the valley by crossing two rivers (Isère and Drac) and the highway, connecting to 3 tram lines and serving the scientific peninsula.

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