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Grow a Corner of Paradise in Cannes

Cannes, Capital of Cinema, is cultivating all its facets of City Garden by inaugurating new family gardens, an orchard, and a relaxation and strolling area in the low Siagne Valley.

“We must cultivate our garden” Voltaire’s Candide said, and so work to improve the world. In addition to “keep away boredom and vice…”, work in the garden nowadays also meets an economic necessity as it provides delicious fresh vegetables, organic vegetables if possible, for young and old!

By 2011, the City of Cannes initiated the development of the lower valley of the Siagne into a protected agricultural and recreational space. The municipality has decided to develop the land in the Siagne valley remaining natural on the commune, with the reintroduction of farmers and the opening of recreational and educational public spaces for families.
Led by David Lisnard, First Deputy to the Mayor, General Councillor of the Alpes Maritimes, the projetc provides that out of the 500 hectares in the lower valley, 250 hectares are devoted to agriculture, including 75 hectares on the Cannes territory. Since late 2012 and 2013, four farmers are producting honey, germinated seeds or organic products.

During the inauguration of the family gardens, the whole project has been introduced by Mrs Pascale Vaillant, Deputy for Environment and Mayor of Cannes Bernard Brochand.

Low cost family gardens

A new phase of the project took shape on January 27, 2014 with the inauguration of 48 allotments available to families. In addition, an orchard of 200 fruit trees (apricot, fig, cherry and even jujube-tree) was planted in December 2013 and a relaxation and walk area implemented after initial development work.
The aim is to introduce young people and their parents to gardening and farming practice, to engage ecological and responsible behavior, promote local products and culture. The 75-hectare project includes in the north, some fertile land recultivation and in the South, a site of initiation of general public to agricultural practices and environment, as well as areas for sport, recreation and relaxation.
Near the orchard, were developped the first 48 family gardens with an area of 95 m2 each. As for the 152 family gardens created since 2006 by the City of Cannes, these allotmenst were allocated in late 2013 by a special commission, based on specific criteria: family quotient, gardening knowledge, proximity of the residence. Besides the nourishing virtues of a garden for a low price (1 € / m2 / year), these gardens are real places of sharing and conviviality for families.

La Siagne, attractive natural area

2015 will see the beginning of the rehabilitation of the existing farm that will become an educational farm for the public and scholars. The opening of the site to Cannes people will take place before the end of 2016 .
The lower valley of the Siagne is thus becoming a new attractive place in Cannes, a relaxation area for Cannois and visitors, to stroll, play sports, enjoy leisure activities, spend time with family, in the heart of nature, close to the city.

A way of regain the feeling of simple pleasures in a world of constant agitation, and breathe a new meaning into time and seasons, rain and sun.

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