Guide Hubert 2013

Guide Hubert Celebrates 35th Anniversary at La Chèvre d’Or

Guide Hubert

Bernard Van de Kerckove & Jean-Pierre Hubert

The Guide Hubert is the guide of happiness in a great region to live. Its selection of 2,000 tables and 1,200 wines from the South half of France is dedicated to help gourmets finding the best place where well-being and pleasure will take travellers or amateurs to euphoria. To celebrates the 35th edition of the Guide Hubert, Jean-Pierre Hubert, creator of the Guide Hubert and Bernard Van de Kerckove, Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur correspondent, have chosen one of the most gorgeous and prestigious establishment in the French Riviera: world-famous Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or in Eze.

Guide Hubert 2013

Guide Hubert 2013

Elegant with its glossy paper, trimmed with beautiful color photographs, the Guide Hubert references 2,000 restaurants and 1,200 wines, tested, classified, annotated and scored. With the entrance of French Gastronomy into the Unesco World heritage, it was of utmost importance to offers readers a guide highlighting the establishments and good local products of the “azuréen” terroir. Smiling, Jean-Pierre Hubert, editor and creator of this guide, a glass of rosé in hand, explained that the Guide Hubert distinguishes from others as it is the only two to be two guides in one, because it brings together good restaurants and good wines, listed by expert “fin gourmets” correspondents working on the field. With the collaboration of Chief Editor Christophe Andrieu, Pierre Casamayor and Hélène Durand, the guide also highlights the best restaurants in seven southern regions and 42 departments, stating the value for money plus a wine guide. A clear and easy to read guide with these acronyms “Malin, Plates and Pots”, list the traditional and terroir institutions in order. The guide Hubert argues for the refusal to the proliferation of restaurants without cuisine, with the operation “restaurateurs, ambassador of regions of France culinary heritage” label. This essential guide for all those who love to crisscross our beautiful roads in the South are already on sale in bookstores at a price of 20 euros.

Gastronomy reaches to the sky

The 35 years milestone has been celebrated with high gastronomy. Very high, as the famous Chèvre d’Or sits at the top of the Eze village hill, overlooking the emerald waters of the Mediteranean. The prestigious five-star Relais et Châteaux, celebrating its 60th anniversary, rests on the natural gradient of the “restanques”, on which are displayed many different sculptures, turning the restanques in an open air modern art gallery. The meal served for the 35th anniversary of the Guide Hubert was concocted by the new chef of the the place, Ronan Kervarrec, chef des cuisines who arrived in the Chevre d’Or’s kitchen last year. The lunch was partly composed of the “Chèvre d’Or 60th Anniversary” meal, an anniversary meal that is served in the evening and includes dishes created by the famous chefs that succeded in the restaurants kitchen. After a welcome around the Olive (olive oil to taste with with home-cooked bread), the chef let us savor “La pêche d’Eric Rinaldi” (the fisherman providing fresh fishes) Red Tuna in sashimi of grilled crabs, granny smith apple and avocado, ginger jelly. This delicious entrée was followed by the Red Mullet with gourmandise of a shellfish bouillabaisse and the Lamb from the Adret (sunny side of a mountain), its saddle stuffed and rolled in a kidney farce, condiment of parsley; its coast rosé snacked, petits farcis Niçois and Dauphinois pomme saveur. Wines were provided by Château Maïme from Les Arcs in Le Var. Pastry chef Julien Dugourd enchanted eyes and palates with his outstanding creation/recreation of a Menton lemon pie in a coloured white chocolate coating dotted with three meringues. Finally, the Chèvre d’Or medieval bar hosted coffee and mignardises before guests visited some amazingly luxurious suites to conclude the launch of an execeptional Guide Hubert in an exceptional location.

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