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Healing Hotels of the World Luxurious Holistic Wellbeing

At ILTM 2013 in Cannes, Healing Hotels of the World was showcasing the outstanding, carefully selected, luxurious hotels and resorts offering holistic health and wellbeing in addition to the pleasure of holidays.

With more than 70 partner hotels worldwide, Healing Hotels of the World offers its customers an authentic and trusted source for holistic health. In addition to a high quality health vacation in gorgeous surroundings, Healing Hotels of the World offer a deep knowledge about holistic health and holistic lifestyle along with the relaxation and pleasure of a vacation in an outsanding venue.
Based on many years of experience in international tourism, Healing Hotels of the World offer an individual consultation for those who want to improve their health and better understand the body/mind relationship in respect to health and healing.
Healing Hotels of the World holistic approach considers every aspect of the person prior to undergoing treatment to satisfy the needs of the body, mind, or spirit. Using natural medecines, the treatment addresses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies of the individual.
Furthermore, the holistic quality in regards to hotels and resorts refers to the location, the atmosphere of the place, how nature is included, sustainability and cultural, as well as social sensibility. This understanding of holistic health is reflected in the comprehensive set of the Healing Hotels of the World criteria, which form the foundation in accepting new partner hotels.
Healing Hotels of the World was founded by tourism experts Anne Biging and Dr. Elisabeth Ixmeier in 2006. They realized early that the common spa industry with its focus on beauty treatments and relaxation had reached its peak and that the industry was ready to offer holistic health. The idea behind HHoW is that more and more people are seeking to improve their health and their lifestyle during the precious time of their vacation.
Anne Biging says: “In today’s saturated material world, health is one of the most precious assets we have. Most people face a lot of stress in their everyday life and want to compensate for this by pursuing health and wellbeing in their free time”.

Holistic concept to regain emotional balance and joy of life

The quest of well-balanced health goes beyond a physical state but also concerns the mind and the emotions. Nowadays, how to draw bounderies between a successful business activity and private life in times of constant increase of speed at the pursuit of productive efficiency and the dissolution of securities and values?
The understanding of an holistic health, going beyond the treatment of symptoms and acknowledging the interconnectedness of body and mind, is the reason why Complementary and Alternative Medicine therapies are becoming increasingly popular. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating habits and sufficient movement is what the leading experts of holistic health practice in Healing Hotels, in an environment that allows regaining emotional balance and joy of life.
The concept of holistic health is a central theme in all partner hotels. The criteria include the overall atmosphere of wellbeing, conscious service, friendliness of the staff, holistic health programs. The holistic spa and health concept is including yoga, meditation, nutritional consulting and fitness checkups as well as lifestyle coaching. Customers enjoy top quality and healthy cuisine in a venue using of ecological materials in an environment integrating the local culture.

Healing Hotels of the World has partner hotels across the globe on Europe, Australia, Americas, Asia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Middle East, Indian Ocean. All partner hotels boast a common characteristic: an amazing location in harmony with natural surroundings. Partner hotels offer a spa area with inside and outside pool, Jacuzzi and sauna as well as beauty, massage and fitness facilities and propose treatments in line with holistic health guidelines designed for the guest’s personal needs.

Action plan is given to take home at the end of the stay, after the clients have experienced they are responsible for their health and wellbeing. Thus, they can keep on being proactive to improve their health and stay healthy in the future by creating a holistic lifestyle and enjoy a harmonious life.


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