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HL Adventure, From Iceland With Luxury

Located between Greenland and Scotland, Iceland, land of fire and ice, more than a destination, is an adventure by HL Adventure with luxury.

Your next trip could be completely different, original and unique in a breathtaking location. A stone’s throw from the Arctic Circle, between the Americas and Europe, Iceland, a country with extreme contrasts, boasts 130 active volcanoes giving a show of solfataras, hot springs and geysers.

Unspoilt, wild and untouched nature

A place where a peaceful and progressive population lives in harmony with the often violent forces of nature. Dark winters are offset by the midnight sun in summer and the island life encourages a rich and vibrant culture with an unspoilt, wild and untouched nature lying at the doorstep of a modern urban community. Going for a guided tour in Iceland is to delve into the recent history of the Earth and open an open-air book of geology. Young of some fifteen million years, Iceland is teeming with life and is to be experienced in Technicolor.

Breathtaking beauty

HL Adventure organizes luxury travel and luxury adventure trips for people who like to travel in a different way. HL Adventure builts year-round a la carte trips, where adventure combines with luxury to offer its customers thrills in spots with breathtaking beauty.
Some expeditions which most people can only dream of, but those going to reality will be supervised by qualified and experienced guides.
HL Adventure offers a trip to Iceland through Greenland, Spitsbergen and Antarctica. The landscapes of these three crossed regions will leave you an unforgettable memory. This trip will be so different from anything you have ever experienced that your wild ideas will turn into a real adventure.
According to option and season, everyone can swim in the hot springs, ride with the wind in emerging waves of the Atlantic Ocean, sail a kayak away from civilization.

Days filled with adventure

You can also learn the dig sledge while discovering the purity of landscapes, admire breathtaking waterfalls, or discover the unique landscapes of the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve aboard Irish jeep.
As a unique experience, flying in helicopter over the East Fjords, exploring glaciers and Icelandic wilderness or go for a snowmobiling safari, skiing down the slopes of pristine white and finally going hunting spectacular and magical northern lights.
To complete these days filled with adventure, enjoy delicious Icelandic specialties such as roast lamb or smoked herring, tastiest Icelandic liver cakes, all washed down with champagne.

HL Adventure will organize your trip to Iceland as a daydream. They will make you live feelings mixed of incredible adventures in a unique luxury to make your trip unforgettable.


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