Jenkell’s Sweet-shaped Sculptures at Cannes Town Hall

For the G20, the City of Cannes organised a five month-long exhibition featuring 55 works of sculptor Laurence Jenkell, the bonbons-drapeaux (sweet flags) representing G20 participating countries and guests, to eat with the eyes all over the streets of the town, mainly on the Croisette and around the Palais des Festivals. The exhibition was very succesful and chief-of-states took their countries sweet-flags back home.

laurence-Jenkell-bonbons-drapeaux-127To thank the City of Cannes, Laurence Jenkell offered two 2 meter-high sweet-flags, France and Europe, now standing in the park in front of the Town Hall, unveiled at a ceremony on Saturday March 2, in the presence of Deputy-Mayor Bernard Brochand, First Deputy David Lisnard, personnalities and guests. During her speech, the artist thanked Cannes for having welcomed her and is pride to have her work exhibited at Cannes town hall. After having recalled the excellent organisation of the G20 that took place in November 2011, Bernard Brochand voiced his pleasure to look at Jenkell’s works of art when opening his windows in the morning: “Having a sweet in this difficult time is a “positive attitude”, and makes life enjoyable and full of hope. A work of art means that: after it, it is never like before.”

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