restaurant l arazur antibes

L’Arazur, Sunny Flavours in Antibes

restaurant l arazur antibes

Chef Lucas Marini

L’Arazur, the restaurant of Jeanne Martin and Lucas Marini in the heart of Old Antibes, offers a dynamic and creative cuisine, full of sunny flavors.

L’Arazur opened on April 30, 2016, in a small cobbled street in the heart of Old Antibes. It is a haven of peace and flavors, a street corner away from the bustling Antibes Provençal market, buzzing with calls from producers, and its colorful and living stalls of fruits and vegetables from the terroir and fruits from the local fishery. A colorful ensemble and atmosphere to awaken the senses and appetite, which find a savory stop at Jeanne and Lucas‘ new establishment.

restaurant l arazur antibes

A dynamic cuisine, full of energy

After the seasons that feed the market with produce from the terroir, the dishes on the menu change according to the chef’s desires, with a new dish every week.
In a jazzy atmosphere, the chef Lucas Marini and his “second” are at work in the open kitchen. The motto on top of the the kitchen announces the philosophy of the house: The most delicate pleasure is to do that of others”. This quote from La Bruyère finds its expression in the Lucas’s gastronomy. A dynamic cuisine, full of energy, frank and without frills, with both delicate and strong flavors, with a perfect cooking and graphic and colorful plates presentation.
Lucas let the product speak, sublimating it with the subtle touches (of genius!), always looking for the perfect balance between vegetables, granted a generous space on the plates, and meat, fish and condiments.

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Discoveries of a young and creative gastronomy

restaurant l arazur antibes

Cauliflower Emulsion, Green Apple, Black Sesame
The sesame provides a subtle flavor explosion to the cabbage emulsion, whose smoothness is enhanced by crunchy cabbage strips, and the green apple freshness.

restaurant l arazur antibes
Spring Green Vegetables, Lemon from Menton
The colors of a lime green vegetables stimulate the taste buds at first glance. The sweet lemon emulsion is seasoned by the crisp freshness of broad beans, peas and zucchini slices.

restaurant l arazur antibes
Smoked Salmon with Fresh Herbs, Beetroot Emulsion
Interaction between land and sea: the delicate flesh of the salmon marrying the sweet “root” flavor of the beet, crowned by the perfume both mesmerizing and powerful of the coriander. A demonstration of the chef’s mastery of associations of products and flavors. This agreement land/sea is magnified by the long finish of a great Burgundy Domaine de la Croix Senaillet.

restaurant l arazur antibes

Sea Bream, Carrot Puree, Tangerine Sauce
The tangerine sauce provides a tasty freshness explosion over the crisp flesh of the sea bream and its the iodized scent. The carrot puree (some poetry!) brings its sweet note and the green asparagus, a delicious crunchy. The tangy touch gives life to the fish that invites itself in the plate amidst a colorful vegetables sea. A dish presented as a Japanese painting!

restaurant l arazur antibes

Fillet of Charolais Beef, Condiment Black Garlic, Ginger Tomato, Grenaille Potato
An outstanding cooking! The filet is skillfully cut into a piece of Charolais beef, long cooked in the evening night to “keep the blood” and provide a regular “pink” regular, and a perfect and unsurpassed tenderness. A pure masterpiece seasoned with a powerful and original “black garlic condiment!” With each bite, new flavors are expressed…

restaurant l arazur antibes

Country Strawberry, Rhubarb and Basil, Strawberry and Rhubarb sorbet
A subtle blend of sweet, freshness, carried by the powerful scent of fragrant basil, a very light and energetic dessert to finish the meal on a tonic and perfumed note.

restaurant l arazur antibes

Biodynamic wines list

A wine list including bios or biodynamic wines, with very few sulfite, selected by chef Lucas will pleasantly accompany your meal. For the food and wine pairing, you can choose from carefully selected but affordable nectars in red, white and rosé from Provence terroir or those from the Rhone Valley, Burgundy, Bordeaux and Loire Valley.

The restaurant L’Arazur consecrates the first independent steps of an exceptional chef, helped by his second Fabien Pineau and Loic Cesano at service, in the picturesque cobbled streets of the sunny Vieil Antibes.

Restaurant L’Arazur
8, rue des Palmiers
06600 Antibes
Lunch: 12 h 15 à 14 h – Dinner: 19 h à 22h
Tel: +33 (0)4 93 34 75 60

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