Laucala Island Resort, Luxury Jewel in Fiji

Laucala Island Resort fidji

Laucala Island Resort, a jewel set on a corallian reef ©DR

The luxurious Laucala Island Resort in Fiji is an ultra-private paradise sitting on a coral reef in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in lush vegetation.

Laucala Island Resort is a luxury patradise in Fiji. Fiji is an island country in Oceania, a part of Melanesia in the South Pacific and a member of the Commonwealth. In Fijian, the country is called Viti and in English Fiji. Fiji has nearly 322 islands, only a third of which are inhabited. The largest are Vanua Levu and Viti Levu which hosts the capital, Suva. Traveling to Fiji is a trip out of time. On these enchanting lands, lounging on a dream beach is obvious and is reason enough to discover or rediscover this paradise destination. From the first seconds, this destination will transport you to its sweetness of art of living under the caresses of a tropical sun.

Laucala Island Resort fidji

Lodge with panoramic views over the Pacific Ocean ©DR

Member of Leading Hotels Of The World

The Laucala Island Resort on the private island of Laucala is a member of Leading Hotels Of The World, present at ILTM 2019 in Cannes (International Luxury Travel Market). In this fabulous setting tailored for a few billionaires looking for exclusive holidays, the spirit of confidentiality and refinement is reflected even in the ultra private residences nestled in the middle of huge coconut plantations of the island or sitting on the emerald waters of the Pacific Ocean. On white sandy beaches encircled by lush mountains, the resort’s villas, built with local materials, gracefully blend into a natural setting of breathtaking beauty.

Laucala Island Resort fidji

Private villa immersed in lush vegetation ©DR

Exceptional flora and fauna

The Laucala Island Resort, owned by the wealthy Austrian businessman Desetrich Mateschitz, includes 25 villas for 2-6 people. Their sago palm roofs are reminiscent of the bures, the traditional Fiji houses. From time to time, a flight of pompadour parakeets with multicolored plumage, flying over the resort or the jumps of a few rare lorises surprise and contribute to an absolute change of scenery. But Laucala Island Resort also owes its fame to its breathtaking pool. Located in a natural lagoon, its facades are all fully glazed, showing the swimmers from the outside.

Laucala Island Resort fidji

A sumptuous swimming pool for swimming in transparency ©DR

Insular charm and dolce vita

On the northern tip of the coral island, the luxurious villas of Laucala Island Resort, open to the outside, give travelers the feeling of living in freedom amidst a flora and fauna in the wild. In a mosaic of tropical colors and centuries-old traditions, the resort offers an exceptional range of sports and cultural activities. The intrepidity of Robinson thrill-seekers or avid explorers in virgin forest will not be disappointed. For the less reckless, guided tours, bike rides or horseback riding will allow them to discover at leisure the many facets of this still unknown island. For athletes, scuba diving will be an opportunity to discover a unique aquatic fauna. As for surfing enthusiasts, they can meet on the best spots of the island to ride the giant waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Laucala Island Resort fidji

Lodge with private pool on the terrace ©DR

A paradise for golfers

On this almost inaccessible island, as if cut off from the world, golfers will be able to indulge in their favorite sport in complete serenity amidst spectacular nature. And best of all, the 18-hole course was designed by Scotsman David McLay (who also concieved the St Andrews Castle Course in Scotland). While hitting a few balls, sitting astride a horse or with a mask and fins, only a handful of privileged looking for island charm, sweetness of life or Melanesian culture, can dive without moderation in this bath of culture and nature, refreshed by the crystalline cascades of this providential island.

Laucala Island Resort fidji

18-hole competition golf course ©DR

Luxury and confidentiality

Managed by David Stepetic (25 years at Four Seasons, a reference), the Laucala Island Resort includes seven lodges craddled in the Seagrass Bay. Four on the heights, and three others at the water’s edge: the villa Udu (three different levels), the villa Wai (for lovers of the sea) and the villa Delana (with landscaped pool) and a well-being area. The lodges have an optimum level of comfort. The rooms are spacious, bright and perfectly equipped: telephone, minibar, iPhone and iPod stations, Bose speakers, terrace, private pool… A personal staircase from the terrace of the lodge allows you to contemplate more closely the many colorful fish or just take a quick dip in the turquoise water.

Laucala Island Resort fidji

Local colour bathroom opening onto the outside ©DR

Haute gastronomy and homemade cocktails

This garden of eden, where rare species such as mahogany, papaya, cheese, sandalwood, kauris, coconut trees grow abundant, complement the beautiful fresco of the five-star resort. In the midst of all these treasures stands an elegant colonial building, the gastronomic table of Australian chef Anthony Healy (he worked on the Lizard and Hayman Islands, on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and in France with Jean-Michel Lorain at La Côte Saint-Jacques). The resort also includes four other exclusive restaurants and bars, where international chefs from Europe and Asia cooks culinary delights.

Laucala Island Resort fidji

Candlelit dinner with your feet in the water©DR

A self sufficiency resort

The farms of Laucala Island allow the resort to live in self-sufficiency. The fruits (papayas, mangoes, passion fruit, guavas) are used to make delicious cocktails. Vegetables (Chinese cabbages, red and yellow tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, onions, etc.) and exotic herbs, supply fresh produce to the kitchens of the five restaurants. Poultry and cattle (120 pigs, 600 chickens and 400 chickens, ducks, quails, goats, sheep, and, exceptionally, 4 wagyu oxen – native from Japan – and 3 calves) are bred sustainably and organically in the farms of the island.

Laucala Island Resort, Luxury Jewel in Fiji in pictures

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