petit prince festival cannes 2015

Little Prince At Festival De Cannes

A poetry gem at Festival de Cannes, Le Petit Prince revisited by Mark Osborne, delighted the public who opened their heart to the magic world of childhood.


chronic festival cannes 2015

Tim Roth & Michael Christofer © DR

Michel Franco (Etats Unis/Mexique) 1h33

The Mexican director Michel Franco discusses the topic of terminal illness and euthanasia, in a slow, bleak and sad film.

The film is inspired by his grandmother’s illness, cared for by a nurse who kept on visiting him after her death. A kind of tribute to the nurses dedication who help patients until the last moment.

Relationships beyond medical care

David, played by English actor Tim Roth, is a nurse in the US whose zeal in care giving leads to develop friendly relations with patients and become part of their privacy. As a result, he is sued for “sexual harassment” by the family of his patient John (Michael Christofer) and kicked off his nurse agency…

Reunion with family

Shy and awkward in his private life, David follows his daughter’s car (the only suspense in the film…) before reconnecting with her and his ex-wife. We then learn that he had lost a son, taken away by a cruel disease (cancer?), and he reproaches not to have detected it in time to save him. What motivates the extra effort and tenderness to his patients…

chronic festival cannes 2015

© DR


Martha (Robin Bartlett), a patient with a cancer that is turning ugly, asks him to assist her to depart from life, because she doesn’t want to die alone. After a refusal, he thinks about it and and eventually returns to her to coldly perform her will.

Chronic is flat, dull, cold, without dynamism. The narration goes along long – very long – shots with a sometimes too loud a sound. Chronic is carried by Tim Roth, but you never know what he really expresses, lackluster and internalized as his acting is.

Le Petit Prince

petit prince festival cannes 2015


Mark Osborne (France/Etats Unis) 1h46

Mark Osborne did more than “drawing a sheep” by making an animated film combining digital and stop motion featuring rice paper characters, giving the story a new narrative form.

Saint-Exupery‘s The Little Prince, is, after the Bible, the most translated and widely read book in the world. The pilot and writer’s universal values, always modern, are told by the aviator who – in the real life – survived.

Peopled with her childhood

Presented Out of Competition, The Little Prince by Mark Osborne takes over the Saint-Exupéry’s characters – The tame fox, the little planet, the rose… – and adds a little girl, who, with her neighbor – an old aviator – will discover a wonderful and poetic world she will populate with her childhood and wonder.

petit prince festival cannes 2015


Essential invisible to the eye

The aviator once met the Little Prince and, as a proof, he shows drawings that plunge the little girl into Saint-Exupery’s universe: The Little Prince with his Fox friend, the Rose. As the story unfolds, she understands that it’s “only with one’s heart that one can see clearly” and that “the essential is invisible to the eye.”

US style storytelling

Mark Osborne, the director of Kung Fu Panda, lovely revisits Saint Exupéry’s work, born from the author’s solitude during a crash in the Sahara on a Paris-Saigon race. The effectiveness of storytelling in the American style and the contrast between 3D animation and paper sculptures, between the  little girl’s rigid dull universe and the aviator’s crazy, multicolored house, give a great poetry to the situations, initially aimed at helping children to grasp reality.

You leave the cinema filled with forgotten emotion, well hidden deep in the heart, that the magic 3D and paper makes us rediscover with their refreshing energy.

The French voices by Marion Cotillard, André Dussollier, Vincent Cassel, Vincent Lindon, Guillaume Gallienne and Florence Foresti, are particularly pleasant.

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TAG Heuer festival de cannes 2015

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