carol festival cannes 2015

Love Suffering at Festival de Cannes

The Festival de Cannes showed the suffering of two complicated love stories with Maïwenn’s Mon Roi (My King) and Carol by Todd Haynes.

Mon Roi (My King)

mon roi festival cannes 2015

Emmanuelle Bercot & Vincent Cassel

Maïwenn (France) – 2h10

For a woman, the one who should be a prince charming sometimes becomes a despotic king who reigns over her senses and soul.

With Mon Roi, Maïwenn shows the life of a couple, a singular intimacy with its own hypnotic trance staging the two protagonists’s more intimate anguishes. Enough to feed memories of consuming passion when life has changed.

A beautiful and destructive passion

A lawyer, Tony (Emmanuelle Bercot) suffered a serious ski fall. While she is fighting to regain health in a rehabilitation center, she recalls through flashbacks her tumultuous love story with Giorgio (Vincent Cassel). After the exhilaration of the beginning, the magnetic love crook makes her live a beautiful and destructive passion that consumes her slowly during several years.

mon roi festival cannes 2015

Emmanuelle Bercot

Ruin of self-esteem

At the same time that Tony is rebuilding her body, she is renewing her spirits by reliving and decrypting the chaotic history of her relationship that gave birth to a child. The actors’ performance – often playing climactic scenes – is great: all passion is extreme. Tony – of course – has a flaw in her, an injury that makes her an easy victim of Giorgio’s perversity and machoism, he who has a greater one, and ruins Tony’s self-esteem to kind of taking revenge.

A cinema child

Maïwenn made her first big screen appearance in 1983 in L’Eté Meurtrier where she was playing Isabelle Adjani’s role when a child. Luc Besson’s wife, she will be his blue Diva in The Fifth Element. Behind the camera, Maïwenn filmed Pardonnez-moi in 2006 that earned her two nominations at César. Then with Polisse, in Competition at Cannes in 2011, she won the Jury Prize.


carol festival cannes 2015

Rooney Mara & Cate Blanchett ©UGC

Todd Haynes (USA) – 1h58

Carol takes us into a compelling, intense but quiet relationship between two women from different social backgrounds in New York in 1953.

On the eve of Christmas, Therese (Rooney Mara), a young saleswoman at the Frankenberg department store, meets Carol (Cate Blanchett), a sensual, attractive woman who embodies the quintessence of chic. Their mutual attraction is immediate and the two women will develop an intense loving relationship despite social conventions.

Love fallen from space

Therese, looking like a frightened little girl, is fascinated by this “grande dame” who has a daughter but is divorcing. Carol finds Therese “fallen from space”, full of surprise. To love at first sight at the beginning quickly succeeds an intense love relationship that will deepen during a getaway by car to Chicago before Carol’s problems caught up with them and break the romance.

carol festival cannes 2015


An excellent film without sound or fury

Cate Blanchett makes a performance, playing to perfection this single woman, falling apart before she meets Therese, torn between her daughter’s happiness and future and her inner nature. Todd Hayes has staged the visual context of the time and uses of shots with admirable sharpness and framing, sometimes even offering a poetic view and close-ups to express the characters’ intimacy. A classic of the camera!
Carol is a great movie without sound or fury, addressing the theme of universal love through the relationship of two women, expressing a positive note: true love triumph barriers and classes.

The film, written by the screenwriter Phyllis Nagy, is an adaptation from Carol, Patricia Highsmith‘s novel published in 1952, a time when the society had to follow a single model.

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