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M. Micallef, Twenty Years of Perfumed Passion


©M. Micallef

M. Micallef, who is celebrating 20 years of passion for perfume, presented its latest creations – including the 20 Years fragrance – at the TFWA-WE in Cannes.

The French Riviera, one of the most beautiful regions in France is also renowned for its perfumes. It is in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery, that Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman created in 1996 their brand of perfumes M. Micallef. After twenty years of olfactory success spent in creating, drawing, sculpting, mixing, it is 900 points of retail in 64 countries that are diffusing the French luxury perfumes.

micallef 20 ans

©M. Micallef

An artist’s soul

Martine Micallef was born with the soul of an artist: she conceives her perfumes and flacons as so many works of art. Geoffrey Nejman is a passionate of niche perfumery, he is the nose of the Parfums Micallef. In their workshop located on the Grasse lands, they create some flacons-jewel they delicately decorate by hand. Each creation is made from age-old techniques and gestures typical of large luxury homes.
Soon, they were joined by Jean-Claude Astier, a renowned nose in the world of perfumery. He will accompany Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman in all their adventures and become the olfactory architect of the compositions M. Micallef.

micallef 20 ans

Pure Extreme ©M. Micallef

Luxury à la Française

M. Micallef, which has become a signature that perfectly symbolizes French-style luxury, has developed over time on the world market. The brand has been very successful and is rapidly expanding in Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East.
To celebrate its 20 years of passion for perfume, the Maison M. Micallef has chosen to honor one of its first collections, the collection Les Exclusifs. Martine Micallef, who was the designer of these iconic flacons, offers them today in a revisited and contemporary version.

micallef 20 ans

20 Yesars ©M. Micallef

20 Years, birthday fragrance

2016 is definitely an emotional anniversary year for M. Micaleff Perfumes. To celebrate this anniversary, 20 Years was born, an exceptional fragrance with precious notes of white rose, jasmine, which reveal all the subtlety of davana and orange blossom. A refined fragrance that leaves on the skin a sensual trail with notes of patchouli, caramel and precious wood.
The bottle, unveiled in a very beautiful case, underwent a complete metamorphosis is its luxurious highlighting is signed, as always, by Martine Micallef. Through the excellence of her work, she invites us to discover her way of discovering her passion for the trips she likes to share.
20 Years – Eau de Parfum 100 ml

micallef 20 ans

©M. Micallef

The Collection Les Exclusifs

The Collection Les Exclusifs is a journey between the East and the West, inspired by encounters, legends and customs.
Watch: this eau de parfum is a wonderful elixir whose delicious alchemy evokes tropical paradises.
Royal Rose Aoud illustrates a real mastery in composition an original and avant-garde wedding of rose and Aoud. Royal Rose Aoud leaves a demanding woman’s wake floating in the air.
Gaïac, a hot and woody fragrance, a natural note that seduces both women and men.

micallef 20 ans

Aoud ©M. Micallef

Avant Garde, a very avant-garde perfume by its olfactive construction on a fascinating balance of freshness and sensuality!
Royal Vintage, a tonic fragrance of amazing freshness, modern and aromatic.
Aoud, a perfume with a mystical character, an ancestral heritage revisited for the modern man.
Emir, the oriental perfume par excellence. A very powerful and masculine fragrance.
All Eau de Parfum from Les Exclusifs Collection are available in 30 ml and 100 ml bottles.

micallef 20 ans

Collection Ananda ©M. Micallef

Collection Ananda

The fragrances from the Ananda collection sublimate the flowers and the fruits to offer you romantic and bucolic olfactory trips. The bottles are sublime écrins with soft and tender forms for those fragrances that evoke serenity, well-being and plenitude, meaning of Ananda in Sanskrit.

micallef 20 ans

Collection Jewel ©M. Micallef

Collection Jewel

The superb and precious cases, real bottles jewels, contain some rich, refined and timeless fragrances, capturing the emotion of a precious moment. Exuding freshness, sensuality or mystery, the scents of the Jewel collection aspire to seduction and elegance with a contemporary touch.

micallef 20 ans

Mon Parfum ©M. Micallef

Collection Mon Parfum

For Geoffrey Nejman, “Love is the most beautiful of inspirations”. This philosophy gave birth to the Collection Mon Parfum. Created by Geoffrey Nejman for Martine Micallef, Mon Parfum embodies femininity and seduction. A collection with gourmand and captivating notes, delicately contained in an original and generous bottle for sensual women.

micallef 20 ans

Crystal ©M. Micallef

Collection Crystal

The bottles of the Crystal Collection are made of hand-decorated blown bohemian crystal. They can be personalized by engraving a name or a message and are intended to contain the fragrance of your choice, among the various perfumes of the M. Micallef range. Several sizes are available: 75ml, 300ml, 1L and 3L.

Martine Micallef and Geoffrey Nejman celebrated their 20 years of creations and fragrant passion with many friends and clients in Grasse, in the presence of Jérôme Viaud, Mayor of Grasse.



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