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Beauty Treatment For Mougins Old Village

The end of new development work in the Old Village of Mougins gave the opportunity of a great friendly and festive evening, in an atmosphere of yesteryear.

After passing the entrance to the village and the old stones of the new gastronomic restaurant, Le Paloma, nestled in lush greenery, on the right a barrel announces a nice wine cellar boasting a lovely covered terrace. Then, still on the right, close to the Mougins Museum of Classical Art (MACM) and the center of the village, stands an extraordinary building, proud of its stones, out of which celebrity chef Roger Vergé made a restaurant in the early 1970s, now taken over by famous starred chef Denis Fetisson.
Walking up the aisle decorated with plates honoring the chefs of Etoiles de Mougins, we arrive at the old stone fountain filled with good-luck coins. Then, our steps lead us naturally to the Place des Patriotes offering stunning views of the hinterland of Grasse and previously used as parking, and there, stunned! No more cars or two-wheelers, but instead, a beautiful carousel, where many children perched on wooden horses let their joy shine by happily spinning in this dream space that takes them for a few minutes into an imaginary adventure. Parents are hypnotized before this work of art that invite them to a journey through time.
When our eyes are fixed on the horizon, our eyes bump against a new building whose construction is combining authenticity – old stones – and modernity – an all-transparent storefront with electric glass door. This is the new Tourist Office which is standing, ready to welcome the many tourists who want to learn more about Mougins and surroundings. It has easy access from car parks at the bottom of the village thanks to the new all-glass elevator that deposits visitors at the foot of the building. It is built to allow disabled and strollers to more easily come and enjoy the Old Village.
Here we find a village teeming with party people who discover in music the the brand new facelift of their beautiful village.
Navigating between history and contemporary, it is a celebration in the yesteryear fashion and an atmosphere with an aftertaste of the last century with its carriage strolling the cobbled streets of the village, a street singer and his barrel organ, its petanque contest held in a friendly atmosphere while promoting friendly encounters around one evening .
Place Maryse Duhalde, some 27 students from 7 to 77 years worked on a dictation, a writing, mental arithmetic, history, geography and science. Following these events, all participants who passed the exam were served with their degree of certificate studies, followed by the winners of the boule contest.
At the end of the awards presentation, a Provencal buffet opened the hoedown offered by the Town Hall to the population .

Mougins, one of the most beautiful village of the French Riviera signs there, after the renovation of the sixteenth century chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Vie, a tremendous boost of vitality and renewal, while maintaining its rich heritage of ancient stones steeped in history.

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