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Petit Futé French Riviera Tips And Top Deals

The Petit Futé Côte d’Azur and Cannes City-Guide began their existence by two prestigious launches: the first at A’Trego restaurant at the foot of the Rock of Monaco in Cap d’Ail and the second at La Vague de Saint Paul. Many professionals of tourism, gastronomy and leaders of major institutions attended these feasts of good addresses for travelers.

The Petit Futé managing team around editor Isabelle Drezen treated their guests at  A’Trego, a fancy restaurant decorated by Philippe Starck, and La Vague de Saint Paul, Hotel, Restaurant and Spa resort. The guests were welcomed by Le Marki and his Creatures and could savor local products, Provence wines, pastries such as macaroons by Jean-Luc Pelé and breads Petitfour, creator of a gluten-free bread. To relax, guests have enjoyed the masseurs’ expert hands from the Bertrand Poncet school.
The Petit Futé is born of the initiative taken in 1976 by two students from HEC Nancy, Dominique Auzias and Jean-Paul Labourdette. Their idea was to publish a collection of the best addresses in the city, the guide being sponsored by local advertisers. A successful bet beyond all their hopes, since the Petit Futé, the guide of good addresses around the world – has become over the years a leading independent publishing company in France with over 726 titles in its catalog out of which more than 100 exclusive destinations. As soon as  1982, the Petit Futé  City-Guides are leaders on the French market. After creating the “French Department” collection, the Petit Futé is being launched internationally with a first implementation in Belgium in 1989, then in Canada in 1995, in Russia in 1996 and China in 1999. The Petit Futé has continued its expansion by increasing its collections after city, region and themes and destinations with the World City-Guides collection.
Since 2011, the Petit Futé can be consulted online through the Powerfox tool and the first applications for iPhone and iPad. Currently, the Petit Futé website is accessible in foreign languages, providing a free access to 500,000 “point of interest” while mobile applications continue to grow for  6 OS and the Petit Futé is available in E-book. To be released soon: a guide of Rosé wines.
Going out, entertainment, shopping, sports, leisure and recreation, wellness and even finding services, all the good addresses are selected by the Petit Futé, available in print edition or digital version.

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