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SICASIL Offers New Siagne Promenade in Mougins

The Siagne Canal that brings water into the Cannes basin is both a link between municipalities and a tourist greenway enhanced by the development of its banks made by the SICASIL.

Picasso and Notre Dame de Vie Promenade

The Siagne Canal, whose the construction in 1868 was due to the influence of Lord Brougham, former Chancellor of England, is today providing Grasse and Cannes with drinking water and is managed by the SICASIL.

A new place to stroll on the banks of the Canal de la Siagne has been arranged by the SICASIL in Mougins. The path begins at avenue Saint Basile and the hamlet of Guillet in Mougins and offers a journey of discovery on the canal banks. It is accessed from the parking lot of the Fontmerle Pond in the Valmasque Nature Park, thanks to the assistance of the General Council of the Alpes-Maritimes. The 2.3 km course offers beautiful views over the village of Mougins, passes under Picasso’s house and is ending at the Notre Dame de Vie Chapel, a must of architectural and historical heritage that has been recently renovated. In the new museum on the side of the gorgeous Dame de Vie Chapel, visitors can discover some splendid pieces discoverd during the renovation of the Chapel, like the reliquary of SaintHonorat’s arm.

New amenities on the banks

The promenade to the Chapel of Notre Dame de Vie in the Intermunicipal Park of Siagne Canal was inaugurated on February 13, 2014 in the presence of the mayor of Mougins Richard Galy, the Chairman of SICASIL David Lisnard, the Mayor of Cannes Bernard Brochand, the director of the Côte d’Azur Lyonnaise des Eaux Jean-Philippe Walryck and the president of the Association of the Siagne and its Canal Safeguarding, Jean-Philippe Serreau.
The work undertaken since November 2013 consisted of the installation throughout the course of outdoor amenities: benches, picnic table, trash and fountain. Information signage has been installed to allow walkers to find one’s way throughout the course and ease access to other points of interest located nearby such as the Notre Dame de Vie Chapel or the promenade of the Valmasque Pond Departmental Park.
This signage is available in different communication medium created in accordance with the graphic of Intercommunal Park of Siagne Canal. Further development work consisted in the beautification of the promenade with the renovation of the facade of Saint Basil Avenue and underground crossing Avenue de la Valmasque and the dressing of pipelines crossing the tunnel.
This landscaping work of the Siagne Canal were funded and conducted in partnership with the SICASIL, the Lyonnaise des Eaux and the town of Mougins which will ensure maintenance of all facilities.

The Siagne breathtaking beauty

The project of Intercommunal Park of the Siagne Canal was initiated in November 2010 by Mr. David Lisnard, President of SICASIL (Cannes agglomeration union of Drinking Water). The objective is to enhance the heritage in its landscape dimensions, create a greenway connecting the mountains to the sea while sustainably maintaining water quality.
The River Siagne, 42 km long, has its source at the foot of Audibergue on the commune of Escragnolles, 1,435 m above sea level and flows into the Mediterranean in Mandelieu. It crosses 12 municipalities of Var and Alpes Maritimes.

The Siagne Canal winds through a hilly region of jagged, carved, sculpted rock, ravines, streams, gorges and steep slopes alternating with valleys and flowery paths where sites of breathtaking beauty attract young and old throughout the year, summer and winter. Along the banks of this delightful artificial watercourse many strollers on foot, artists or simple tourists, love to walk and relax.
The site configuration, environment and thermal stability of water at 12° C make the Siagne a privileged site for many plants and animal species. Fishing, hiking and swimming are practiced. But this exceptional site presents an important fragility and as it remains accessible to all, it is the duty of everyone to preserve the quality of this place.

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  1. Anna Taylor says:

    We have a second home in Cannes Californie
    And love walking along the Siagne path starting at the Belvedere
    However we cannot get from Le Cannet to mougins
    Do you have a map of the accessible paths of the whole route up to the source please ?mang thanks Anna

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