Stars Play Football For Sahel Children

On Sunday, June 23, 2013 at the Palestre in Le Cannet, many personalities from sports and entertainment gathered around a friendly charity indoor soccer tournament to support the association “School Canteens for Sahel Children” in partnership with the Five Hotel Cannes. 1,500 people answered the call by buying a modest entrance price ticket of 10 euros. Really cheap for this-big hearted People and Show-biz cast, happy to have met such a great cause as children.

Around the honorary godfathers, Bruno Bellone and Roger Milla and godfather of heart, Youri Djorkaeff , were present Laurent Blanc, coach of the famous football club “Paris Saint Germain”, Christian Karambeu, Raphael Mezrahi, Laurent Deutsch, M’Pokora or David Gignola. At firts, the public could discover a beautiful African choregraphy and then the 6 x 6 foot meeting took place. At the end of these games, it is to the music and the charm of Mariama’s voice that the party ended at the Palestre.
Many personalities were present to support the event: Roger Milla, Patrick Vieira, Sonny Anderson, Claude Makelele, Martin Djetou but also: Jackson Richardson (handball), Raphaël Mezrahi, Robert Pirés, Jean Louis Ettori, C. Pinna, T. Darou, B. Ledger, J. Micoud, L. Letizi, L. Saha, F. Brando C.Puel, C.Cocard, K. Fehraoui, Mr. Marsiglia, Grégoire, J. Alonso, A. Samba, S. Savidan, Brahim Asloum W.Ayache, F. Silvestre, D.Roustan, J.Bray, Eric Dos Santos, M. Dib, M. Djetou.
The partnership between the French Association, created by Nicole Miaule-Ponsot, on October 2012, “School Canteens for Sahel Children” and the Nigerian association  “Eit Tiddey”, was founded in 2011 by Sandra Ausseil, with the pilot village Bir Tiddey. This village had, in June 2012, 268 souls, including 30 children in school (many of them, unfortunately, been de-schooled by their nomadic parents). Education for rural people is a strategic priority in the fight against extreme poverty, hunger and illiteracy and to promote rural development. Today, 100 million children in the world – mostly rural – are still denied the opportunity to go to school. For these rural populations that are several hours of track away from all supply center in very arid and especially remote areas, providing school kits and distributing of school meals can trigger the motivation of children, hungry, to find a “reason” to go to school and their parents themselves to send them! With school canteens, parents no longer have to worry about feeding their children in the morning and afternoon. In addition, the school canteen, through the will meals they distribute, will overcome the many nutritional deficiencies these children suffer from.
The “School Canteens for Sahel Children” initiative fits well in the logic of the second Millennium Development Initiative, which aims to ensure that all children, boys and girls around the world, can benefit, by 2015, a full course of primary studies, and development plans of municipalities. This project perfectly matches the 3N initiative (Nigeriens Nourish Nigeriens) initiated by the President of the Republic of Niger project in education.

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