hippodrome cote d'azur

Steeple-Chase & Epiphany at Hippodrome Cote d’Azur

At Hippodrome Cote d’Azur in Cagnes sur Mer, on Sunday, January 4, 2015, will be held the Great Steeple-Chase Day with the blue Mediterranean as backdrop.

The Steeple-Chase Meeting at the Hippodrome Cote d’Azur in Cagnes sur Mer that began on December 7, 2014 and will end on January 6, 2015, will reach its peak with the Great Steeple-Chase Day, on Sunday, January 4.

An exceptional horse show

In this amazing day dedicated to the jumping, the spectators will have the opportunity to admire during the various events that will take place all day long, some riders of high international level practicing with elegance this highly technical sport requiring flexibility, sensitivity and experience.

A day of emotions

On the agenda: 7 spectacular Steeple-Chase races including the Grand Prix of the City of Nice (Grand Steeple Chase Group III on 4,600 meters), lavishly endowed, the Grande Course de Haies de Cagnes, the Prix Christian de l’Hermite (Grand 4-years Steeple -Chase) and the Prix André Masséna (Grande Course de Haies for 4-years).

hippodrome cote d'azur
Galette des Rois and Champagne

Between the races, many animations will embellished this festive day: raffles, musical shows, acrobatics. On the occasion of the feast of the Epiphany, the Hippodrome Cote d’Azur will offer the 300 first visitors a piece of Galette des Rois and a glass of champagne, with – cherry on the cake – many prizes to win for the lucky ones who will find the “fève”. The Champagne will be offered to adults aged over 18 years.

The Steeple-Chase

The Steeple-Chase consists in chaining  obstacle jumps  on a limited course. The horse and rider must achieve the best possible time without making any mistake – synonymous of penalty – during the passage. The obstacles, composed of vertical moving bars, but also shrubs and other bodies of water, must be crossed in a specific order without bringing them down or the horse refusing to jump.
The obstacles, with particular names such as oxer, spa, doubles, triples, walls, verticals…, bring the rider-horse couple to perform jumps with specific adaptations to the sport. The tests are intended to demonstrate the horse’s frankness, his power, address, speed and respect of the obstacle and the competitor’s quality of riding.

Fun adventure

This horse day will also be the opportunity to enjoy a family day in which kids and adults will enjoy a unique place where entertainment and shows are offered free of charge.

On the occasion of the Great Steeple-Chase Day, a unique menu “Chef Etoilé” prepared by Christian Plumail will be offered at the Restaurant Le Pesage.

Sunday, January 4, 2015
Doors open at 12:00 – 1st Race at 13:00
Rates: € 4,5


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