tfwa world exhibition 2013

TFWA World Exhibition 2013 in Cannes

On the 29th TFWA World Exhibition from October 21 to 25, 2013, the Palais des Festivals in Cannes turned into luxurious oasis among the Croisette palms trees, where enchanting products were displayed, dedicated to Duty-Free shopping.

During their travels, passengers are seeking exceptional, exclusive products which are not found in supermarkets to make unique gifts. To allow everyone to find the product they dream of, the TFWA World Exhibition brings together for five days over 6,000 delegate, 441 exhibitors (including 46 new ) dedicated to the travel retail and duty free industry. The main areas represented are fragrances and cosmetics, tobacco, wine and spirits, fashion and accessories, watches, jewellery and fine writing, electronics, confectionnery and fine food…

The opening conference of the TFWA WE, entitled “A Brand New Challlenge”, opened with TFWA President Erik Juul-Mortensen address, to summarise of the state of the industry in 2013. He evoked the difficult conditions in such times of global economic crisis, but he welcomed once again the good results of the Duty Free and Travel Retail, announced by Generation Research. Today, the sector of duty free and travel retail is globally increasing through the development of air traffic with Asia which jumped up 30 % between 2007 and 2012.
In fact, the zero-rated goods and retailing in the travel industry rose 9.4 %, the global duty free sales were US$ 55.8 billion. Airports are in the front line because they account for 57 % of duty-free products sales for the year 2012. Cosmetics and perfumes together account for 28 % of market share. Cigarettes, alcohol and other luxury items, bought by passengers when traveling, totaled nearly $ 49 billion (16 %). Within the next six years, it will double.
The biggest spenders passengers are the Chinese, followed by Russians and Koreans, but the rapid growth in the number of passengers across the Middle East and the growing development of the middle class in sub-Saharan Africa has great potential. Asia Pacific generates the largest increase in sales with a turnover of US$ 19.9 billion and an increase of over 19% compared to 2011. Hundred airports are currently under construction in the world.

Lord Sebastian Coe, Olympian athlete, President of the British Olympic Association and former chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, explained the challenges he and his team have bee facing during the “big race” in the decision to launch the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.
Lord Sebastian Coe noted that the 10 billion pounds of investment capital gave a boost to the UK economy and regenerated parts of London, but also a marked increase in volunteering and philanthropy, and a fundamental change in attitudes towards disability.

Then Willie Walsh, CEO of International Airlines Group, the holding company of British Airways, Iberia and more recently the carrier “low cost” Vueling, highlighted the opportunities that the Duty Free market provides with the reinforcement of networks between Europe and Asia, developing routes to Latin America, capitalizing on the synergies of the group to achieve cost reductions and increase profitability. He also spoke of the potential of the African market in full expansion, that, in a short time, will become a real asset to the Duty Free.
Referring to the airline transportation in the Persian Gulf, he expressed admiration on the rapid development of airports, including one in Dubai. Ranked 99th world airport in terms of international passengers, it went global number two in a little over ten years and is expected to surpass London Heathrow next year. Willie Walsh explained this fantastic achievement by the fact that governments investment a lot in airports, maintain their infrastructure and reduce taxes, thus encouraging their airlines to develop.
According to Willie Walsh, the airline industry should be profitable this year despite the substantial increase in fuel prices, thanks to an industry that has shown great adaptability.

John Gerzema, a publié ce printemps The Athena Doctrine : How Women (And The Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule The Future. John Gerzema has analysed the behaviour of consumers across the world to help companies and brands adapt to new trends. He discussed how the rise of feminine values, explained in The Athena Doctrine, is changing consumer behaviour. Gerzema’s research based on a study of 64,000 people shows that skills that are incrasingly valued in leadership nowadays are empathy, collaboration, selflessness and connectedness, all values mostly shared by women.

The opening conference of the TFWA World Exhibition ended by the the red white blue ribbon cutting ceremony by Deputy Mayor of Cannes Bernard Brochand accompanied by Erik Juul-Mortensen.

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