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Third Circle’s Fantasy at Russian Art Festival in Cannes

Omsk has sent to the Russian Art Festival in Cannes the company of Youth Theatre ” Third Circle ” whose reputation extends beyond the borders of Siberia by the creativity and talent of its young artists. They presented the refreshing spectacle “The Wizard from the Country of Cranberry Ice “, a fantasy for children from 7 to 77 years.

The Theatre of the Third Circle has existed since 1999. Its creator and leader is Flore Babajanyan, director and long-time director of theater. Third Circle won several Grand Prix at regional, national and international theater festivals. It is animated by young artists and works as a family structure. With a diverse repertoire of over 30 productions of Russian and foreign plays, it allows young talent to hone their technique and control the exercise of stagecraft to prepare to embrace the career to which they are intending.
At the Russian Art Festival in Cannes, the company introduced the interactive fairy tale of ” The Wizard of the Country of Cranberry Ice ” at the Ambassadors Hall of Palais des Festivals, as well as programs of street theater staging snowmen to bring a touch of Russian winter on the Croisette.
With “The Wizard of the Country of Cranberry Ice “, they presented a show for children and adults imbued with magic and mystery unique to the Siberia portrayed in literary works like ” Michael Strogoff’s Journey ” by Jules Verne.
The performance of this theater leaves a bright and unforgettable impression. Adapting the Russian folk fun, between touching and humorous interpretation, the actors show a willingness to share a deep inner meaning of the pplay, to be honest with the public and with each other. For this representation, the artists of Third Circle were associated with members of the company Valentin Tumentsev and ” The Image ” Theatre.
The show was enlivened by the song “Forgive me this child’s whim” of famous variety singer Mireille Mathieu, revered throughout the Great Russia.  For children there were a lot, all gathered in front of the stage, marvelling at the antics of two red-nosed clowns, acrobats, jugglers manufacturing giant bubbles flying in the room – they were trying to catch on the way with their little hands – fairies, a witch and a lot of dream.
During one hour and a half, all the children had their eyes filled with stars and parents were delighted by such poetry and artistic dexterity.
All shouted bravo for this beautiful show the Russian Art Festival in Cannes offered us on that evening.

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