restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

Truffle Celebrated At Sebastian Gaillard in Aups

Sebastien Gaillard, sa femme Nadine, ses enfants Janice et Josuha et son équipe
restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

Sebastien Gaillard, sa femme Nadine, ses enfants Janice et Josuha et son équipe

La Truffe in Aups is the restaurant of Sebastian Gaillard, the chef “adopted by the truffle”, who worships it all year long and elaborates an exceptional menu for the Truffle Festival.

Sebastian Gaillard had prepared on 22 January 2017 for the 24th edition of the Truffle Festival in Aups an exceptional menu to celebrate the Rabasse with its loyal customers of the event at his restaurant La Truffe. Every year, on the fourth Sunday of January, a surge of fine gourmets hits the village of Aups, in the Regional Natural Park of Verdon. The Truffe then reigns on the local market and on the plates of all the restaurants in the capital of the Black Diamond of Provence.

restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

Sebastian Gaillard

Celebration of the Black Truffle in Aups

The Truffe Festival in Aups celebrates every year the Black Truffle – the Rabasse in Provençal – a rare mushroom that, although savored since antiquity, always keeps its share of mystery. With its inimitable flavor and its sensual and enchanting fragrance, its power to enchant the cuisine, the Tuber Melanosporum invites itself to the tables of holydays celebrations and gastronomic meals. With quivering nostrils, aroused papilaes, head bent over wicker baskets, the gourmets seek the best truffle, the one that has a strong smelling, object of their desire, before attending the truffle digging with a pig, a contest of truffle dogs and visiting the Truffle House (Maison de la Truffe).
At noon, it is time to taste the tenebrous beauty in the famous tables of the village.

restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

La Truffe

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Sebastian Gaillard, a chef adopted by the Truffe

Sebastian Gaillard was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The passion of cooking took him still in short trousers. After graduating from the Ecole Hôtelière of Mar del Plata, Sebastian Gaillard develops his passion through his many travels and culinary experiences in Argentina, Paraguay, Spain and France, immersing himself in different flavors and cultures.
After a brief stay on the Costa Brava in Spain, Sebastian migrated to the French Riviera, enjoying great gastronomic experiences at Bocaccio in Nice, La Maison de Marie with Alain Roux and Le Grand Balcon with Marc Amel, he opens a bistro in Moissac Bellevue before migrating to Aups, the regional capital of the Black Diamond, to open his restaurant La Truffe, in the oldest bakery in the city.
Seduced by the place, the old stones and the perfume of the truffle that exhales throughout the city, this chef of talent, humble by nature and generous in his soul as well as in his dishes, recognizes that “The truffle has adopted me!”

restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

Râpée de truffe

Discover the Haute Goûture menu by Sebastian Gaillard during the Truffle Day at Château Sainte Roseline

Huevos Rotos, his signature dish

In his creations, he likes to reveal and share the perfumes from his land and combine the products from his terroir with his creativity. His vegetables Campagne Lunounette come from a small organic production in Aups. He brings his meat from Argentine – childhood memories – and his sheep cheese from Apostolo at Sillans La Cascade. The truffle and olive oil come from the Aupsois producer Fabien Daini and the saffron comes from Tanneron.
His signature dish is the Huevos Rotos, a great classic of Spanish gastronomy that he loves to introduce to all his clients. In the kitchen, he is helped by his children Janice and Josuha, who follow the path dug by their father. His wife Nadine creates the desserts and welcomes guests.
Sebastian is a Disciple of Auguste Escoffier, a member of Toques Blanches Internationales, and belongs to the Grand Cordon d’Or of Monaco. In 2016, he obtained the title of Maître Restaurateur.

restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

Beurre truffé

Menu of the 24th Truffle Festival

The restaurant of Sebastian Gaillard proposed for the Truffle Festival a menu and a la carte dishes of which here is a gourmet overview.

restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

Choux Craquelin et le Boudin à la Truffe

The Choux Craquelin and the Boudin with the Truffle: a chou which adopts the shape of a plum truffle, a nod to the rabasse in the shape of dessert, offering a slight sweet touch on the smoothness of the fluffy and tasty pudding, which melts in the mouth, ennobled by the flavor of the truffle.

restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

Huevos Rotos à la Truffe

Huevos Rotos à la Truffe: broken farm eggs on crispy, melting potatoes, stirred like a salad and sprinkled with fresh truffle slices. Two “fruits” of the earth allied with a farmer’s product for an explosion of tastes of fresh nature, the crisp truffle gives the “chic” to rich and round flavors to the palate. The sublime joins simplicity in a deliciously gourmand dish, full of emotions!

restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

Pavé de Veau lardé et sa Truffe râpée

The Pavé of Larded Veal and its grated Truffle: An alliance rich in texture and tastes of typical flavors from traditional breeding, with grass and vegetation, with the frank and powerful ones from earth, roots and undergrowth and its declination of carrots. In its coat of larded tenderness, the mellow and rosy calf exhales its juice in mouthfuls decorated with strips of fresh and crisp truffle.

restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

Tagliolini au Beurre et aux Truffes

The Tagliolini with Butter and Truffles: Generously buttered and truffled, these fresh pasta with country eggs are to have the most Italian of the gastronomes damned for!

restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

Gnocchis de Pomme de Terre “Maison” à la crème et aux Truffes

Potato Gnocchi “Maison” with Cream and truffles: the gnocchi with truffled abundance melt in the mouth. An “earth” with the elegant sensuality, which emphasizes that the taste is expressed at best with smoothness!

restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups
Truffle: Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel with Truffle, Truffle Shavings, Ginger Confit and Whipped Cream: The truffle appears in lace for its marriage with the powerful ginger. Faced with the piquant character of the root of confit ginger, the truffle becomes sweet and affectionate in its dress of whipped cream, with a hat of gold.

Symphony on the score of truffle

The restaurant La Truffe offers a generous and gourmet symphony on a score of black truffle in winter and summer truffle, come the beautiful days. In his restaurant, Sebastian Gaillard shares the warmth of his passion for terroir cuisine, rich in tastes and noble products for a convivial moment, in a dining room with shades of eggplant, decorated in the colors of Provence. One plays on the transparencies: the chef works behind a bay window and glass slabs lets see the wine cellar in the basement.

restaurant la truffe sebastian gaillard aups

Mousse au Chocolat noir du Mexique 70% et cœur crémeux Caramel à la Truffe

Menu Plaisir 38 €, Menu Dégustation 48 €, menu Truffe 75 €

Restaurant La Truffe
10, rue Maréchal Foch
Tel: 33 (0)4 94 67 02 41

The menu of Fête de la Truffe in images

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