chateau fond du broc dejeuner truffe

Truffle Lunch at Château Font du Broc

chateau fond du broc dejeuner truffe

Christian Boeuf, Christophe Ciotta, Sylvain Massa, Yves Botasso

Château Font du Broc was placed on 21 February 2016 under the sign of the Truffle, the Black Diamond of Provence, that perfumed the prestigious wineyard.

Château Font du Broc and Sylvain Massa‘s team organized the fourth edition of the Truffle Day to showcase the products offered by the local producers of the Provencal market and the Côtes de Provence of the wineyard.
The rare and mysterious fungus Tuber Melanosporum, with its unique flavor, inspires an unparalleled gastronomy that the visitors could appreciate with a Scrambled Eggs or Pasta with Truffle or by tasting samples of handmade truffle products.
The highlight of the gastronomic day, the prestigious lunch around the Truffle realized by Christian Bœuf and his team from La Bastide des Magnans in Vidauban, brought together a hundred of amateur of “bonne chère” and exceptional wines.

Christian Boeuf, Christophe Ciotta, Sylvain Massa, Yves Botasso

Marché provençal

The Provencal market

The Truffle was present in all its forms in the artisanal market in the Jardin à La Française: fresh, perfuming many compositions, canned, in tagliatelle, in cheese, oil, salt… The team of Château Font du Broc had selected regional artisans who offered their truffle based products, savory or sweet, from 10h to 17h.
For the tasting, two light lunch areas offered a Brouillade à la Truffe or, at the Boutique La Pasta, pasta with truffles. Between two purchases, the visitors could take part to a guided visit of the Cistercian Cave, unique in the region.

Christian Boeuf, Christophe Ciotta, Sylvain Massa, Yves Botasso

Cisterician cave – Cave cistercienne

Gastronomic lunch around Truffle

The prestige lunch, accompanied by wines from the estate, has aroused all the guests’ senses, from the aperitif with amuse-bouches with Truffle, and throughout the meal commented by Yves Botasso, Master Sommelier from the Association de la Sommellerie de France and Ambassador of Château Font du Broc wines. Mr. Botasso explained the wine pairing for the dishes, detailing the charms of each of the wines.

chateau fond du broc dejeuner truffe

Yves Botasso

Roasted Saint-Jacques with Truffle slices

The delicate marine flavors of Saint-Jacques scallops, topped with crunchy truffle slices, were complemented with a Tombée of Leeks with toasted Pine Nuts and Beurre Blanc with Muscat. The combination of the sweet taste of the Leek with the smoothness of the Beurre Blanc was supported by the spirit of Muscat, and was taken up by the crispy Pine Nuts.
The wine accompanying this starter, and the next course, was a Rosé 2014, a pleasant, fresh wine, with notes of citrus, good intensity and finesse.

chateau fond du broc dejeuner truffe

Half Lobster, truffled sauce Virgin

Sublime in its simplicity, the dish of the sun that illuminated the Truffle, has delighted the guests with its originality and freshness. In its red hull, the refined and iodized flesh of the lobster was enriched by the fresh notes of Tomato and strips of raw Zucchini, while the balsamical Sauce Vierge, the Olive Oil and Shallot contributed at each bite with their intense flavors crowned by the power of the Truffle. The Rosé 2014 could only be an accomplice of such an alliance!

chateau fond du broc dejeuner truffe

Breaded Sweetbreads

The Truffle found a friend in strength and sophistication with Sweetbreads. In his Feuilleté, the exceptional flavor of veal sweetbreads was connected to the soil with its accompanying Julienne of Truffle and mashed Jerusalem artichokes – evoking Artichoke – in its reductions of Porto. The flavors, bright on the palate, were right and genuine in this alliance deep terroir, which met a White Wine 2014, full of freshness, expressiveness and length.

chateau fond du broc dejeuner truffe

Pavé de Bœuf stuffed with Truffle façon Rossini

The beef Pavé stuffed with truffle was a pure masterpiece: after the explosion of flavors, the meat melted in the mouth, saturated with the scent of the queen of the day, inserted two days before into the meat to give all its taste. The Pavé was accompanied by a roasted Foie Gras on its Toast of exceptional quality, again offering an explosion of flavors. The sauce with Madeira finished giving its full dimension to this gourmet dish, generous in taste, accompanied by a small dish of fondant truffled mashed potatoes.
A Red Wine 2011, finely spicy, full of finesse and delicacy, a long aging wine, accompanied this ode to the undergrowth.

chateau fond du broc dejeuner truffe

Brie de Meaux, Mascarpone cream with Truffle

This cheese, subtly “corsé”, creamy and smooth on the palate, accompanied by plucked salad, a greenery with colors of the Mediterranean, has seen its coronation by a wine “Reserve Sylvain Massa”, a 2010 Red wine, aromatic and persistent, with blackberry, blackcurrant aromas and chocolate and roasted notes, which also sublimated the dessert. This silky nectar, well represented “the spirit of the house”: a favorable climate and an exceptional terroir, and the work of Man was well done!

chateau fond du broc dejeuner truffe

Prestige with Deux Chocolats

The tasty dessert in two layers of Chocolate topped with whipped cream came to bring the climax to a wonderful meal, masterfully orchestrated by Christian Bœuf, his chef Christophe Ciotta and his team from La Bastide des Magnans.

chateau fond du broc dejeuner truffe

About Château Font du Broc

Le Château Font du Broc, famous for its wine appellation Côtes de Provence and its rich architectural heritage spans over a hundred hectares in the heart of Var Provence, between the Esterel and the Bay of Saint Tropez. At Château Font du Broc, horses, vines and olive trees flourish in perfect harmony. Sylvain Massa and his team produces exceptional wines from vines grown using organic farming. The plants, pampered by the methods of environmentally friendly ancient cultures, produce some racy wines of great quality that many starred chefs are including on their wine lists.

chateau fond du broc dejeuner truffe

La Bastide des Magnans

Christian Bœuf welcomes his guests in his beautiful two centuries old stone Bastide des Magnans, a charming place for gourmets. In this idyllic setting, in the freshness of the plane trees on the terrace in summer, Christian Bœuf and chef Christophe Ciotta (a pupil of Jacques Chibois) practice a fine “cuisine de terroir” from products of the highlands and the Mediterranean – and the Truffle from Var – which takes place in artistically presented plates.

chateau fond du broc dejeuner truffe

Nathalie Sicard

Indiart exhibition by Nathalie Sicard

From September 7, 2015 to February 28, 2016, Château Font du Broc invites you to discover the Indiart photography exhibition by Nathalie Sicard. The photo artist, a portrait photographer for 30 years today unveiled her sensitivity and a little of her secret garden through her gaze on a haunting East. Her photographs highlight the beauty she sees in all things and in all beings, from a twilight on the legendary Ganges in Varanasi, to lanscape in Rajasthan, via the Taj Mahal.

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