restaurant aphrodite david faure

Senses Resurrection at Restaurant Aphrodite

restaurant aphrodite david faure

David Faure

Restaurant Aphrodite in Nice and chef David Faure resurrect your taste buds, delight your eyes, provoke your brain and amaze your senses with a delicious and magical cuisine.

Restaurant Aphrodite offers a new and unique, fun and exciting dining experience, full of tasty surprises, combining authentic flavors and tastes explosions, chef show and magic of molecular cuisine. This culinary enchantment is born from the wild imagination and “Nature” creativity of Nice genius David Faure. Revisiting Niçoise and traditional cuisine, he brings the gourmets – guided by his lovely wife Noëlle Cornu-Faure – to relearn eating.
Share with us the 11-stage journey into the Aphrodite’s realm of sense, where originality rhyme with delight: play the dragon, eat bread without bread, meet snails in the fog that lay Pastis, learn how to fry virtual eggs and enjoy caviar in dessert.

restaurant aphrodite david faure

Aphrodite, goddess of love… of gastronomy

David Faure hates being bored in the kitchen and his mind is bubbling with new ideas to please his customers, often practiced on the culinary shows of the chefs association Les Toques Brûlées, where he cultivates his sense of gastronomic show. At the restaurant Aphrodite, David and Noëlle, his accomplice in adventures, share the same passion and take great pleasure to innovate, divert, revisit the tradition, that of cuisine Nissarde.
The chef gives it new tastes and colors through new trends like molecular cuisine, applying the principles of physics and chemistry to the cuisine to juggle with textures and colors and exalt the aromas, with a keen sense of the show.

An ode to Nature and natural

A meal at restaurant Aphrodite becomes a playful storytelling, a rich history of surprises and emotions to which the client is invited to take part, discovering explosion of tastes with a gourmande cuisine, with right and authentic flavors, made from extremely fresh products, selected with meticulous care. Products that tell a story and an ode to Nature and natural on the plate.

restaurant aphrodite david faure

Cocktail with dry ice – Cocktail à la glace sèche

Cocktail with dry ice

To begin this journey of the senses, a Champagne and fruit liqueur (Melon, Leechee…) cocktail façon Kir Royal, with a magical and icy appearance thanks to dry ice at -78 ° c. A smoking cocktail, to savor with a glass pipette.

restaurant aphrodite david faure


Plate to eat and iodine notes

In all its dishes, David Faure seeks to delight taste buds and pupils. As amuse-bouches, he imagined a “plate to eat”, a giant Raviole of puffed Rice with white Sesame inclusions that serves as a crispy backdrop for 3 iodine flavors. A Mussel Marshmallow (without sugar) is crowned with a black lace of Bread with Cuttlefish Ink, topped by a Mussel cooked at high temperature. A buttered Rye Bread Toast with a hint of Balsamic Raspberry Vinegar, topped by an “Oyster Leaf”, opens the palate on an acid note. Finally, childhood memories: the Sea Roudoudou with inside, a Bourride, a note of Chorizo and a piece of raw Shrimp Gambero Rosso from Sicily (the best in the world). The plate is decorated with Salty Fingers to stay in the tone of the sea. These three appetizers offer a wave of vibrant flavors, each with its seduction: the crispy black bread, the creaminess of Rye Bread and marriage land/sea of the Roudoudou. The taste buds are awaken!

Nitro-Dragon of Ratatouille

A first show by Noëlle Cornu-Faure: the flavor of the Ratatouille Niçoise mingles with the wonder of feeling the strength of the dragon growing up and blowing smoke through the nose to show its power before tasting the delicious Ratatouille. To achieve this demonstration, the vegetable juice is soaked in liquid nitrogen at -196° C. Click on the video to see the recipe.

restaurant aphrodite david faure

Illusion de Macaroni

Illusion of Macaroni

With his Virtual Pumpkin Macaroni, seared Foie Gras, Volupté of Corsican Chestnut, David Faure induges in one of his gourmande hijinks, in trompe l’oeil, with which he surprises the gastronome with a nest in a similar appetizing texture than a Macaroni but made of Potimarron. The nest of “Macaroni” contains a royal Foie Gras from Gers surrounded by a Crémeux of Pumpkin with foam of Chestnut from Corsica, flanked by two crispy Pumpkin chips. The happy marriage of chestnut and pumpkin is served on a plate, or rather a case in the shape of carved stone. All dishes will be served in a particular “vessel”, made of stone or ceramic, to enhance the composition.

restaurant aphrodite david faure

Gluten free bread without bread

The virtual Macaroni is served with an original bouquet of gluten-free “bread without bread” to aid digestion. The homemade branches and petals of the bouquet consist of an Asian ravioli with a dash of Rouille Spices and Cuttlefish Ink, a long Chips of Potato, a Filo Dough and other Bio crunchy surprises… However, David Faure also offers homemade cereal and campaign bread. The bread comes along with a lump of butter with Vegetable Charcoal, sprinkled with Espelette Pepper, supporting the “Heathy Food” side of the restaurant Aphrodite.

restaurant aphrodite david faure

Sphérification of Bouillabaisse

Spherification of Bouillabaisse

Then comes a real gem to eat with your fingers, a goldsmith culinary composition: Spherification of Bouillabaisse as a throne to the Octopus on a rock in its marine environment. In a nest of seaweed, a seat of liquid Bouillabaisse Spherification on a hollow Potato, is wearing a Garlic Chips with a petal of Red Mediterranean Octopus. The powerful flavors of the sea, fish and octopus, are pounding, exacerbated by the spray of garlic in this sublime alliance land/sea, simplicity/sophistication.

Sphérification of Bouillabaisse

Gyoza of Pesto Soup – Gyoza de Soupe au Pistou

Gyoza of Pesto Soup with Parmesan

The Gyoza of Pesto Soup is accompanied by its Parmesan Ice Cream at -20° C and dried tomato powder, washed down with a Vegetable broth at + 70° C, a contrast to exalt perfumes. Again, the flavors are vibrant on the palate, right and genuine, in harmony together, marrying perfectly with the crispy Gyoza. The unique flavor of Pesto refers to memories of Mediterranean terroir, sunny land, under the olive trees.

restaurant aphrodite david faure

Snails lost in the mist – Escargots perdus dans la brume

The Snail lost in the morning mist, from Burgundy to Provence

David Faure has designed its signature dish during a walk in the woods to pick mushrooms. Here are the snails in their natural lush undergrowth, climbing branches, edible mosses and herbs. They’ve have left their native Burgundy and eventually became lovers of Provence to the point that they are laying eggs of Pastis… With your fingers, you pecks Mushrooms, Garlic and Parsley Cromesquis, you prick the delicious Snails, you cool down with a delicious Fennel Milk sucked with a straw out of a carnivorous flower corolla, you pick herbs and you finish with the snails’ gift: freshly laid Pearls of Pastis. A dish with a wild originality, that pleases the eye and palate and brings us back to the truth of Mother Nature, and the walks of our childhood with candid and innocent eyes.

restaurant aphrodite david faure

The goast – La chèvre

Goat from Mont Baudon

After the sea, the undergrowth, the forest, the next stop takes us to the mountain, to the Mont Baudon above Menton, from where comes the goat of which we enjoy a 24-hour confit shoulder, accompanied with roasted Porcini Mushrooms. The dish is brought to table topped with an illuminated bell filled with smoke from burnt hay, the very hay that the goat fed upon – another proof of the chef’s spirit of continuity and respect for the product.
We are transported in a stone barn in the evening by the fireplace, where the fire crackles, and where we taste a meal cooked on the coals. The flesh melts in your mouth, the jus corsé gives its full dimension to this dish with powerful flavors, accompanied by a full-bodied red wine: the Cuvée Racine Carrée.

restaurant aphrodite david faure

Ecume de Brillat-Savarin

Warm Ecume of Brillat-Savarin

The Resurrection Menu bring us to enjoy a cheese on a bed of greenery, with its puffed Raviole with Olive powder. It exudes the green pastures, the fresh Garlic. We are in a milky oxygen bubble where the Caillette, a green Olive de Nice, floats!

On-the-spot Sorbet with Liquid Nitrogen

Noëlle Cornu-Faure is again the charming ambassador of the new culinary techniques: the on the spot Sorbet with Pear Compote iced by Liquid Nitrogen. This very cold gas changes the molecular structures of the natural product, exalts the fragrances and offers a creamy sorbet with no flake of ice. The pure airy delight brings freshness and softness to the palate!

restaurant aphrodite david faure

Virtual fried egg – Oeuf au plat virtuel

Virtual fried Eggs

The chef himself comes to show you in this video how to fry to perfection an egg with the Liquid Nitrogen. Those who believed they knew everything about this extremely simple dish will be amazed by the video! But to enjoy the dish, you’ll have to come to the restaurant Aphrodite…

restaurant aphrodite david faure

Irish Coffee

Unstructured Irish Coffee

After the thrills, the sweet sensations. The desserts stop takes us to Ireland to enjoy an Irish Coffee shaped like Caviar: a Spherification of Coffee on a Whipped Whisky Cream, accompanied by its delicate sweet blinis. The bluffing presentation is at the height of the delightful discovery of this sweetness that you enjoy by spreading the small balls on blinis and digging up the cream.

restaurant aphrodite david faure


Mignardises tray

Served on a Nature tray with a bed of moss and its driftwood, the treats also reveal their surprises: a sparkling Lollipop of iced Lime Parfait, a Gingerbread “fruitless” fruit paste, a Cornetto of Strawberry with white Balsamic, a Framboichok and Cocoa with Wasabi. A Raspberry toothpaste comes to soften the effect of Wasabi…

A new approach to eating well

David Faure is a creator of sensations and emotions, a broker of tasty illusions with real taste. He emphasizes the magic of culinary alliances through a smart staging of tastes that appeals to the eye first, before expressing their wealth of flavors. The Resurrection menu at restaurant Aphrodite offers to dive in the absolute of a cuisine magician, generous in his creations and their development, seeking to “give the product what the product demands.”
After David Faure: “The product speaks, we must listen to what he tells!” In his cuisine, the chef wants the authentic, real life, and live after the law of Nature and tell a story of people. Through exploring sensations, the Aphrodite awakens emotions (from childhood?) and offers a new and tasty approach to eating well and gastronomy.

restaurant aphrodite david faure

David and Noëlle Faure offer several menus that you can discover on the restaurant Aphrodite website: Alternative Food, Vegetarian, Around the County of Nice, Inclination des Mets…

Restaurant Aphrodite
10, boulevard Dubouchage
06000 Nice
Tel. +33 (0)4 93 85 63 53

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