commanderie de peyrassol wine man show

Wine Man Show: Humor at Commanderie de Peyrassol

wine man show commanderie de peyrassol

Wine Man Show – Eric Boschman

At Commanderie de Peyrassol, the Wine Man Show by comedian Eric Boschman has enhanced spirits in spirit, the “tears” of wine in laughter to tears and the jokes in divine nectars.

Commanderie de Peyrassol hosted in the heart of the summer an exclusive performance of Eric Boschman‘s show, the Wine Man Show, claiming Neither Gods nor Masters, but Red Wine ! An exceptional event punctuated with tasting of prestigious wine, which took with the jokes, the public around the world to discover the fascinating world of wine, a nectar that became a divine. A world tour in the best possible way: a glass in hand.

commanderie de peyrassol wine man show

La Commanderie de Peyrassol

Born 8,000 years ago in Georgia

Lovers of Provence, good wines and jokes gathered at the Commanderie de Peyrassol for the Wine Man Show by Belgian comedian and sommelier Eric Boschman on the theme of Neither Gods Nor Masters, but Red Wine. The show was at the height of their expectations.
Eric Boschman, the genius Belgian sommelier, a multifaceted artist, revisits the history of wine through the centuries and continents, and takes us on a journey according to his fancy humorous anecdotes on the history of wine, an amazing journey through the wine world, that started some 8,000 years ago in Georgia.

commanderie de peyrassol wine man show

Eric Boschman & Alban Cacaret

The wine, nectar of the gods since ancient times

Eric Boshman loves wine, dining, food history. The table is his profession and his passion. Eric qualifies as a born storyteller who transmits his experience and made his profession of it. Through his stories, his anecdotes about wine, nectar of the gods since ancient times, the public of passionate and amateurs consumers get their heart’s content sharing, glass in hand, the journey of the vine which widespread in the world thanks to the religions and religious services, using or advocating the wine.
From ancient Afghanistan to the vibrant shores of the Mediterranean or, with a mix of fado, land and Atlantic Ocean that bathes Portugal, not to mention France and its friendly Bordeaux region, Chile and the conquistadors, first importers of the precious nectar in the 16th century to the new world, to finally land the kingdom of kangaroos, Australia.

commanderie de peyrassol wine man show

Eric Boschman

The love of wine, a culture to learn

Eric Boshman’s tastings illustrate the history of wine, tinged with humorous anecdotes. Throughout the show, the sommelier of humor tells us with good words  that the love of wine, it is also a culture that inculcates and improves over the years and tastings.
But he admits that one can also enjoy a good wine without knowing all the technical details of winemaking and lambasted the “sommeliers masturbators” from restaurants and wine bars, and their overused expressions. During this truculent Wine Man Show – often improvised – he happily toasted with the public who taste wines and listen to his sound advice with his inimitable tone and his banter.

commanderie de peyrassol wine man show

Toasting is essential!

Eric Boshman initiated the public wine tasting, explaining that the tulip glass allowed to concentrate the flavors and discover their full extent. For the five senses to operate at a tasting, the comedian explained that toasting allowed to balance by the clink of glasses that is requesting the hearing.
During the show, the audience enjoyed 6 high quality wines:
Bernard Massard – Cuvée de l’Ecusson – Sparkling wine
Baron Edmond de Rothschild – Aguaribay Malbec 2012
Château Peyrassol Rosé – 2015 – AOC Côtes de Provence
Long Row Shiraz red – 2011 – Australian Wine
Château Malescasse – AOC Haut Médoc – Cru Bourgeois – 2009
Porto Quinta da Corte – Tawny Reserve 2013 – Portugal

commanderie de peyrassol wine man show

Eric Boshman, multitalented artist

Eric Boshman, co-author of the book Le Goût des Belges, is a multi-talented artist. Named best sommelier in Belgium in 1989, he worked at Bruneau and at Romeyer before creating his own restaurant: Le Pain et le Vin, in Uccle. Thereafter, he left his restaurant when it was distinguished by one Michelin star, because he felt no more pleasure to work in the kitchen, being too extrovert. His desire was to express in an other way.
He then turned to the media (press, radio and TV) to share his passion with thousands of lovers of good wine and good food. Eric Boshman has also developed the Food and Wine Academy where he teaches oenology, organizes tastings and events around the table and wine, hosts and participates in TV shows such as Joëlle ScorielsNo Frills on RTBF. he is now a reference person in the world of wine in Belgium and a must comedian with his show Wine Man Show.

commanderie de peyrassol wine man show

A treasure by the Knights Templar

Founded in 1204 by the Knights Templar, the Commanderie de Peyrassol has always had an agricultural and wine activity. At the foot of the Massif des Maures, the Commanderie covers nearly 850 hectares, including 93 dedicated to the cultivation of the vine, dotted with oaks and olive groves. Thanks to its exceptional natural situation, the Commanderie was a stop and rest venue on the road to the Holy Land, for passing pilgrims.
The vineyard flourishes on a clay and limestone soil favorable to viticulture, with abundant water in the subsoil. Since the early planted varieties, generations of winemakers have put their expertise at the service of the vine and wine, cultivating fervently this exceptional terroir.
In the 80s, Françoise Rigord took the winery to summits when she decided to sell the wines in bottles. Since 2003, Alban Cacaret manages the Commanderie de Peyrassol alongside his uncle, Philippe Austruy, owner since 2001.
Together they have given the estate its former influence, and made the Commanderie de Peyrassol one of the most famous vineyards in Provence.
The estate produces Clos Peyrassol AOP Rosé, Red and White, a Commanderie de Peyrassol AOP Côtes de Provence, a Viognier IGP Portes de la Méditerranée and a Merlot IGP Portes de la Méditerranée.

commanderie de peyrassol wine man show

Art in the vineyards

One can spend a day at the Commanderie de Peyrassol as there are many beautiful things to discover: the domain is dotted with works of art, according to a path in the vines that you can also visit aboard a carriage. After the huge “Callade”, a bridge leads to an 800 m2 art gallery that offers temporary and permanent exhibitions.
The estate also has gorgeous guest rooms and a guest table, where the chef sublimates products from the terroir and fresh vegetables from the garden of the estate.

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