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Andre Mouche Watches Launches Nina

At TFWA World Exhibition 2013, Andre Mouche Watches launched its new model of exclusive hand-painted watch “Nina”, merging together two symbols of love: heart and rose.

Andre Mouche Watches is the single watch company in Switzerland which is manufacturing only ladies watches. All parts of the watches are made, manufactured, assembled, polished and hand-painted in Switzerland. If cover and bracelet have been designed by watchmaker Andre Mouche since the 1960’s, his wife Gracia Mouche has been creating the hand-painted designs for more than 50 years.
Andre Mouche and his wife Gracia founded the company in 1961 in Fahy, located in french-speaking Swiss Jura, the most famous watchmaking area of Switzerland. They launched the manufacture of a jewel-style wristwatch, beautifully decorated ever since by Mrs. Mouche, with diverse and varied decorations and colors. Mrs. Mouche still comes to work every day… and three employees recently retired with 50 years of service to the company.
The nature and beauty of the Swiss Jura has been inspiring the two designers to create multiple color combinations and patterns, modern design with romantic flower patterns.
Watch movement are continuously made by Ronda, maker of the most expensive quartz movement for watches currently available. Plating is either palladium or 18K gold in 1 micron and 3 micron coatings and crystals are genuine Swarovski crystals.
Andre Mouche watches, with a lid and a semi-rigid bracelet, are the basis of the collection, easy to match with a variety taste.
Member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, André Mouche Watches always wanted to make a watch with components manufactured in his workshop or purchased in Switzerland, with excellent value for money.
Increasingly, Andre Mouche watches develop new designs appropriate to different markets in the world, as, besides Switzerland, Andre Mouche Watches are sold in global offices in the following countries: France, England, Germany, Austria, China, Korea, Iran, Japan, USA, Israel, Romania, Syria & Lebanon, South America, Dannemark and the Czech Republic. They can be purchased in airports in Zurich,Francfort,Prague and Japon.
To celebrate the 50 years of Andre Mouche and to pay tribute to Gracia Mouche’s dedication to the company, in 2011 was launched the model “Gracia”, rich in colour, with distinctive floral paintwork of the dial‘s design.

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  1. elvia Thompson says:

    I have a ladies andre mouche watch It has a side opening top. The screw has been lost that keeps the top on. I have taken it to different watch makers they have told me they could make one but the top would still be loose. Is there anyway that you could post one or two to me.
    my address is 20 Waterford Terrace, Albion Park 2527 NSW Australia.
    Thank you for your time Elvia Thompson

    • tamel says:


      Many thanks for your interest in our article. We are not the House Mouche but a Web magazine but it will be our pleasure to forward your query to the managers. Best

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