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Arexpo Presents Post Milano Expo at MIPIM

At MIPIM, Arexpo held at its stand a seminar entitled “Urban growth and business opportunities in the heart of Europe, the Post Expo Milano 2015 Masterplan”, a masterplan for the urban region of Milan after the 2015 World Exhibition.

From May 1 to October 31, Milan will host the Expo 2015, the World Exposition under the the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. More than 175 countries will take part in the event that is to welcome some 29 million tourists during the six months of exhibition. The event budget will amount to more than € 20 billion investment in infrastructure.
Arexpo top managemers Luciano Pilotti, President of the Company, Cecilia Felicetti, General Manager, and Paolo Galuzzi, coordinator of the Steering Committee and deputy mayor of Milan, Ada Lucia De Cesaris, illustrated to international real estate operators the guidelines and opportunities of the Post Expo Milano 2015 Masterplan, an urban infrastructural project for one of the world’s most dynamic zones: the metropolitan area of Milan.

A Masterplan for the urban region of Milan

Established on June 1st 2011 by the Lombardy Region, Arexpo S.p.A. is owned by the Lombardy Region and the Municipality of Milan, the Fondazione Fiera di Milano, the Province of Milan and the Municipality of Rho. After company President Luciano Pilotti: “The corporate mission of Arexpo is to propose for Milan and its metropolitan area to define a new evolution scenario to access the future, to serve as a model for the entire region and Italy itself.”
Cecilia Felicetti, Arexpo’s General Manager said: “We are at MIPIM to present the Post Expo scenario to the world market, in view of the significance of the plan and the investments needed for its implementation, with the aim to make sure that public investments in Expo 2015 are put to good use, and to bring into being a great urban development project.”
The idea is to control and limit the resources necessary for the adaptation of the area in the post-Expo phase with a high-sustainability urban regeneration project. Arexpo’s aim is to re-open the site as soon as possible after the end the 2015 Exhibition and to speed up a possible immediate use.

A multi-thematic park

The site, located in the north-western quadrant of the metropolitan area of Milan, is to extend over about 105 hectares. Cecilia Felicetti explained: “Some 44 hectares will be reserved for a multi-thematic park, which will be created upon the conclusion of the Universal Exhibition. We will explore the possibility of maintaining or remodelling a number of structures set up for the Expo. This will be done in parallel with development and rehabilitation activities”.
The park will be the heart of the urban layout of the site and will develop solid links with the themes of the Expo “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”: agro-alimentary, cultural, scientific, popularisation or educational themes. Il will provide spaces and equipment dedicated to the leisure wishes of families and young people, structures for all types of professional and amateur sporting activities.

By May 2014, Arexpo will initiate the tender procedure for the selection of the operators who will participate in the Post Expo development project.

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