Welcome to Cannes with AVF

With its network of more than 500 members, the Association AVF (Accueil des Villes de France) in Cannes wants to be a springboard to success in better integration into the city. In Cannes, the AVF porposes many recreational, cultural and sports activities to meet, exchange ideas, get to know the inhabitants or the aid of volunteers to settle.

It is never easy to arrive and get one’s bearing in an unknown environment, then one just left a place one knew and evolved easily in. We must relearn everything. An administrative process can easily become an obstacle course when one is working. How to make friends if we can have time to spend on leisure, if you are a widow, elderly or single mother?… The problem can quickly become a psychological confinement, an insurmountable suffering, for some people in distress, lonely or fragile.
Many people come to Cannes for its cultural and economic vitality or simply reside there out of pleasure, attracted by an exceptional quality of life, or as a result of mutation or simply to get closer to family.
Becoming a member of the AVF association when one is a new resident, be guided by volunteers in a friendly and warm atmosphere, build a network of relationships by participating in friendship happy hours in the premises of the association willingly joined by local elected officials, meet other members from all backgrounds, be informed of activities and entertainment.
The association offers in recreation: ballroom dancing, country dancing, stretching, cinema in the city, computer, bridge, tarot.
In cultural activities: free painting, porcelain painting, painting on all media.
In sports: hiking, golf, pétanque, bowling.
In cultural activities: library, reading circle, conversations in different languages, cultural relay, outings, trips.
Local events such as meals or buffet, Beaujolais Nouveau, Galette des Rois, Mardi Gras, Christmas cocktail or aperitif in the city are organized. Earlier this year, the welcoming team organized a welcome cocktail bringing newcomers to get acquainted with all the activity leaders.
AVF Cannes is an association by the law 1901, created in 1972. It is part of the AVF National Union recognized of general interest, created in 1964. In France, more than 350 Accueils de Villes Françaises including 37 in Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur and Corsica, including 90,000 adhérents in France. AVF Cannes participates in the international influence our city, then think Accueil des Villes de France.


Pictures courtesy AVF Cannes

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