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Bisou Show in Nice Showcases Provence

The 39th edition of Bisou, the souvenir gift and decoration tradeshow, was held from January 11 to 13, 2014 at the Palais des Expositions in Nice.

During these three days exclusively reserved for professionals in the South, nearly 15,000 visitors visited 213 exhibitors in order to shop for tourists.
The range of products on offer was wide and the 10,000 square meters of this genuine cave of Ali Baba was showcasing products for all tastes and all budgets.
Jewelry, souvenirs, gifts, decoration items, Provence items, scents, beachwear, gourmet products, fashion jewelery, fashion accessories, cosmetics, were available at the Bisou show as a preview for the season spring-summer 2014 for professionals in the tourist sector.
The idea is to satisfy an ever-growing and increasingly demanding international clients on the selection of souvenirs to bring in their luggage at their stays in our rich and beautiful region of Provence.
Lavender corsets with ancestral history is a good example. Traditionally, lavender corsets were offered to brides so that they can make vows about their lives as married women. Over time, the tradition has evolved and it became customary to give it to people we like. Every closing knot of the corset correspond to the wishes that are offered with the gift.
Other temptations for tourists presented at the Bisou show: the must-have soaps by Savonnerie Chatelard 1802, Scents of Provence, either from Marseille or scented with lavender, jasmine or figs (homemade), the scents by the Bastide des Arômes in Grasse, plates by Oliv’artisanat smelling olive-tree from Provence.
Always in shades of Provence: the fragrant truffle Cendrée Souillac, the beautiful olive oil and tapenade from Luberon or the lovely dresses and skirts for chrildren from traditional Provencal folklore by La Maison de Provence. To top it all, the full uniform of trendy tourist, from the pair of multicolored thong to the straw hat, accompanied by the bag Trendy of Cannes by the house Dalix. It’s amazing what can be found at the Bisou show!
On site, buyers could watch, discover, discuss, order and possibly, develop new distribution channels through shops or central buying offices. As for exhibitors (manufacturers, importers, distributors, artisans… ), the Bisou show was a double opportunity: to reconnect with their regular customers to present their new products and record directly their orders and most importantly, capture new potential customers among the several thousand of professional visitors.

The Bisou show also has the advantage in times of reduced costs of prospecting and canvassing, to be closer than ever to their customers at a lower cost than the Parisian tradeshow, longer but also generating more expensive travel and accommodation costs.

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